Top 6 Objectives for 911 Dispatcher Resume | Examples

Updated on: December 13, 2022

911 dispatchers, or operators, pick up emergency calls and provide emergency service callers. They are expected

Once he or she knows the nature of the emergency, a 911 dispatcher is expected to call the agency that can best take care of the emergency like the fire department, police, or paramedics.

Once a dispatcher has alerted the emergency unit responsible for managing the type of emergency reported, he is expected to maintain contact with the caller to ensure that the nature of the emergency hasn’t taken a turn.

They are also required to keep in touch with the emergency dispatch unit to determine the course of action taken, and the time it will take for them to reach the scene of crime or accident.

When applying for this job, candidates are expected to know all that this work demand – it may seem like taking phone calls only, but it is much more than that. 911 dispatchers need to pay particular attention to detail and be active listeners. Also, this position requires the calmness of nature and quickness in decision-making.

They also need to be quick thinkers and possess the ability to think clearly.

The following are some resume objectives that you may use when writing a 911 dispatcher resume.

Sample Objectives for 911 Dispatcher Resume

1. A self-motivated individual looking for a position as a 911 Dispatcher with Texas Municipal. Offering active listening skills and the ability to judge situations aptly to assist callers in the most efficient manner.

2. Diligent and adaptable professional seeking a 911 Dispatcher position with Alabama Municipal Office. Bringing expertise in emergency dispatch system operations to handle emergency calls in a quick and efficient way.

3. To work as a 911 Dispatcher for Boulder County where my skills in rapidly relaying correct information can be used to calm down distressed callers while providing them the necessary service.

4. Poised to contribute to the Freeport Texas Office in the capacity of a 911 Dispatcher. Offering a strong background in law enforcement capacities and keen knowledge of 911 operations to assist in managing emergency services for callers.

5. Passionate 911 Dispatcher eager to work for ABC Company. Bringing the ability to derive as much information about the emergency from the caller while thinking of ways to handle the emergency and keep the caller calm. 

Entry Level 911 Dispatcher Objective Example

6. To obtain a 911 Dispatcher position with Illinois Municipal. Bringing knowledge of emergency communication at large to help the community by providing emergency services.