In the majority of instances, your resume and cover letter for position as a Police Dispatcher is your primary contact with an employer. A Police Dispatcher’s Resume is your advertising tool and must provide a sense of purpose and focus on your achievements. Keep in mind that clarity and simplicity are the two major ingredients of a successful resume. Also, don’t ever write a false statement in your resume because there will be 99% chances that you will lose your professionalism – it will be not possible to get it back.

Police Dispatcher Job Overview
The primary function of a Police Dispatcher is to respond to incoming calls from the public and to provide status to reporting policemen while ensuring that they are dispatched to the relevant area. Since this work impacts the safety of both the public and the officers in question, it is important for a Police Dispatcher to be able to handle emergency situations with skills that depict both urgency and calmness.



Police Dispatcher Resume Sample


Gavin Conner

7 S Church Street • Orange, CA 41124
Cell: (999) 999-9999 • Email:

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Police Dispatcher with the City of Orange utilizing skills in emergency handling and expertise in associated dispatching while making the best use of my inherent organizational skills.

• Over 7 years’ extensive experience in providing dispatching services to the Texas Municipal League
• Highly skilled in taking emergency calls and deciding which course of action to take
• Well-versed in operating two way radio to communicate with police officers and community assistant personnel
• In depth knowledge of communicating with crime victims and witnesses requesting police assistance and estimating the intensity of the situation
• Working knowledge of LEAPS/CJIS


California Municipal League – Orange CA                                     Jan 2010 – Present
Police Dispatcher

• Operate two way radio to communicate emergency situations to police officers in areas in distress
• Handle and screen incoming calls by communicating with crime victims and witnesses and requesting police assistance
• Handle emergency situations by using sound judgment and good verbal skills
• Coordinate response of ambulances and public safety units to emergency sites or in-progress crime situations
• Monitor and listen to closed circuit television and alarm systems and dispatch appropriate police response to intrusions and problem areas

Major Achievements
• Achieved Employee of the Year award for managing a maximum number of successful dispatches resulting in assisting the public in the worst of emergency services
• Received recognition for excellence in dispatcher services and offered training for a patrol officer position after completion of 10 years in the service

Manitowoc County, WI – Manitowoc, WI                                   Oct 2006 – Jan 2010
Emergency 911 Dispatcher

• Operated radios, telephones, computers, Teletype, and related communications tools
• Collected emergency and non-emergency related information
• Established actions, assisted callers, and dispatched proper responses
• Maintained logs of radio transmissions and complaints

G.E.D: Orange High School, Manitowoc, WI – 2005

• Excellent ability to work under stressful circumstances
• Good knowledge of geographical locations in and around the city
• Ability to memorize and utilize radio codes and emergency procedures
• Sound judgment in emergency situations
• Demonstrated ability to accurately type and enter information in databases
• Ability to evaluate and direct calls to appropriate stations and personnel