Certified Coding Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated March 17, 2021
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In order to make sure that each aspect of the healthcare industry run correctly, many professionals are hired to handle the different activities of a healthcare facility.

Where medical coding is concerned, certified coding specialists are specially employed to oversee and perform coding activities.

Since there is a high need for accuracy in this work, certified coding specialists are required to possess a solid background in handling this work.

Many coding specialists perform coding activities, especially when there is a need for their intervention to manage discrepancies or errors.

Certified coding specialists are usually required to possess a two-year associate’s degree in medical coding along with appropriate certification to work as a coding specialist.

The following cover letter sample will give you an idea on how you can write one for yourself when applying for a Certified Coding Specialist position.

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Sample Clover Letter for a Certified Coding Specialist Position

Felicity Banks
48 Burke Street, Jaffrey, NH 77631
(251) 000-9999, email

March 17, 2021

Mr. Michael Jagger
Manager Human Resources
Indian Rivers Healthcare Center
5482 Webster Road
Jaffrey, NH 72630

Dear Mr. Jagger:

Your online posting for the position of Certified Coding Specialist grabbed my interest because my qualification exactly matches your requirements. With my CPC certification and two years of experience in medical coding, I am eager to support and fulfill the mission and values of Indian Rivers Healthcare Center.

I am a great candidate for this position because I am very competent in performing coding activities using ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS codes. During my experience, I handled many medical information auditing activities and discovered a massive medical coding error that could have played havoc with the facility’s reputation.

Possessing an eye for detail and a thoroughness of nature are perhaps the best features of my professional personality, which I believe can be invaluable in this position.

My resume and references are enclosed for your perusal. I anticipate meeting with you in person soon; it will provide me a chance to elaborate on my skills and for you to gauge my abilities.

Thank you for your consideration.


Felicity Banks

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