A 911 dispatcher is an individual who works on the emergency 911 line. Responsibilities include taking phone calls and providing assistance to people in distress. No matter what the nature of an emergency is, a 911 dispatcher needs to stay calm in order to solicit as much information as possible from the caller.

911 dispatchers need to possess a hoard of skills including the ability to stay calm in the direst of situations and to stay organized at all times. Since this job is not great for the nerves as a dispatcher normally feels the responsibility for the caller’s problem and needs to act in a collected manner at all times.

Look at the following core skills of this position that a 911 dispatcher can put on his resume when applying for a job in this field.

Sample Skills for 911 Dispatcher Resume

● Highly skilled in judging the nature of call and soliciting location information

● Well versed in determining priorities between calls

● Demonstrated ability to understand which emergency is eminent and to dispatch the appropriate unit

● Adept at operating an array of communication equipment effectively

● Excellent listening and comprehension skills

● Special talent for counseling callers in order to keep them relax and make them stay on line

● Proven ability to think rationally under stress

● Excellence in managing more than one task at a time

● Capable of dealing with call logs for verification and documentation purposes

● Excellent organizational and communication skills