Letter of Introduction for Dental Assistant

Updated May 4, 2019

A letter of introduction can be used in many situations such as introducing a new employee to a department or an employee to a customer depending on which case it is being used in.

This type of letter needs to be written by addressing and saluting the person addresses to and then going on to explain the reason for the letter.



Let us take an example of a dental assistant being introduced to a unit of dentists at some other branch of the same clinic.

Since a dental assistant is majorly responsible for providing chair side assistance and administrative work management, an employer will specify these skills and duties in a letter of introduction.

Let us see how this can be done!



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Dental Assistant Letter of Introduction Sample


May 3, 2019

Mr. Ashton Cole
Dental Aesthetics
6299 Little Island Lane
Owls Head, ME 92020


Dear Mr. Cole:

I am writing to introduce you to Mark Twain who has joined us as a Dental Assistant last month. He went through rigorous training in both dental work assistance and office management procedures and is now ready to work in the real dental world.

Mark is interested in working at our Owls Head office as most of his family resides there, which is why we decided to place him at your office. I am confident that he will make an excellent addition to your team due to his hands-on experience in all chairside procedures and ability to run a smooth office. During his training time at Yarmouth office, he achieved remarkable success in fostering meaningful relationships with our patients, and I am sure he will accomplish the same with you.

For your review, I am enclosing his resume and letter of recommendation which should prove useful for you to decide on placing him at your office.

Thank you.



William Brown
Senior Dentist
Dental Aesthetics
736 Sheltra Avenue
Yarmouth, NE 27262

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