Entry-Level Data Entry Clerk Resume No Experience

Updated on: January 11, 2021

The difficulties of writing an entry-level data entry clerk resume are many, but, the benefits may surpass these difficulties.

A necessary part of the job application process, it is important to pay full attention to a resume, especially when you have no experience and are applying for an entry-level position.

You may deem yourself a great data entry clerk but you have to prove it to an employer.

How to Write a New Data Entry Clerk Resume with No Experience?

You don’t have to worry about this. If you concentrate on all that you have done in the past, you will see that you may actually have some experience. Even if it was a friend to whom you helped or a small school project that you were a part of.

Or you may have helped the school office with their data entry needs. All this is worth mentioning.

A resume for a data entry clerk who has no experience may seem problematic to write but you can make an attractive resume by just following a few tips.

  1. Focus on your competencies and education.
  2. Keep the length of the resume to one page.
  3. Do not forget to mention any relevant summer or volunteer jobs.

Rest assured that once you have done this, your chances of employment will increase manifold.

To get a whiff of what a resume for a data entry clerk (with no experience) should look like, refer to the sample below:

Data Entry Clerk No Experience Resume Sample

Sheena Wayne
65 Ash Street, Silver Grove, KY 22441
(000) 654-8545
sheena @email .com


Well-versed in accurate and time-sensitive data entry.

Versatile and well-organized data entry professional with a special talent for working with modern data entry systems seeking a position with ABC Company. Bringing a logical and analytical approach to identify and resolve data entry problems. Works well under pressure in a team-oriented multicultural environment.

Graduated in 2020

Ashley Cole High School, Silver Grove, KY

• Comprehensive knowledge of shorthand words and the ability to use them in their full form.
• Familiar with popular data entry systems, procedures, and protocols with a special ability to learn company-specific database systems.
• Ability to verify data by employing auditing skills.
• Able to review and batch data documentation for data entry purposes with the aim of ensuring data accuracy.


Data Entry Volunteer | 5/2020 to 8/2020
Ashely Cole High School, Alexandria, KY 

• Checked original documents and prepared them to be used for data entry purposes.
• Input student information such as names, addresses, and classroom records into the school database.
• Verified student data against the original document to ensure accuracy and integrity.
• Pulled required information from the database upon special request from school officials.
• Assisted in record management duties including filing and logging
• Responded to print requests from school officials after verifying data needs.

– Source Data Preparation
– Data Auditing
– Disposal Log Maintenance
– Record Filing
– Discrepancy Resolution
– Confidentiality Maintenance
– Deficiency Review
– Optical Scanner
– Data Arrangement