Position Overview

Working across many industries, data entry clerks play a prominent role in the success of any organization. While their work may seem straightforward, it requires a lot of thought and effort. Data entry clerks basically enter information in a predefined database – the information could be anything from patient records to sales data.

Data entry clerks are expected to be well-versed with technology. On a typical work day, they use computers and other specialized equipment that will help them type and enter data in an efficient manner. One of the basic requirements for a data entry clerk’s position is well-tuned technical skills. They use data recording equipment to help them record information and are also required to have some knowledge of optical scanners and data entry hand-held devices.

Position Requirements

Data entry clerks should possess at least high school diploma or GED to apply for job. They need to be excellent at typing and detail oriented as any data that they enter needs to be verified to ensure accuracy – since the information that data entry clerks input into a database is used for senior level decision making purposes, employers do not compromise on accuracy or quality of data.

Data Entry Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to work with us?
I am greatly impressed from your mission and repute of delivering the best health care services in the town. I want to make the most of my data entry and clerical skills to contribute to your bottom line.

Have you researched about our company? What are our core values?
Yes, I researched extensively on your website. I am well aware of your mission and goals i.e. Care, Service, Efficiency and Quality.

Why do you want to pursue a career as a data entry clerk?
My best asset is my typing speed. I would like to take advantage of this asset and I believe that a data entry position will do justice to it.

What do you rate as the best virtue of a data entry clerk?
I believe that accuracy is the best virtue without which it will be impossible to provide quality work. Since many decisions are based on the information punched by data entry clerks, it is important that data quality is maintained.

How do you ensure accuracy while working?
I ensure accuracy at each point. When I punch in information, I make sure that I read it at least three times before typing it. Once I am done entering a module, I revisit it and compare it to the original to make sure that I have indeed punched in correct information.

Have you worked in a healthcare environment before?
Yes, at Healix I worked as a laboratory assistant and data entry clerk.

What attributes give you an edge over other contenders of this position?
My exemplary time management skills, healthcare industry experience and typing speed of 55 words per minute sets me apart from competitors. I am also trained in using CRM and able to manage and present data. Above all, I always maintain the confidentiality of all kinds of information.

Are you comfortable with prolonged sitting at work?
Yes! I have an exceptional stamina to work for long periods of time.

Do you have experience in inventory management?
I have managed the sample inventory of the Healix laboratory and the office and medical supplies inventory for the hospital.

You would be required to regularly coordinate with other departments for data collection and getting updates for the data management system. What skills do you think you would utilize for better coordination?
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, superb organizational ability, priority management, a researcher’s mindset for data gathering and patience. These skills would help me coordinate with different departments effectively.

For highly quality and timely data entry what will you require from us?
A high spec computer system with latest MS Office installed and comfortable table and chair.

If I was your boss, what kind of person would you want me to be?
Friendly, supportive and appreciative. The one who gives equal opportunity to every subordinate, and practice the same what he preaches.

How would you deal with sensitive information?
I have a verifiable track record of maintaining confidentiality of all kinds of information. I can provide references to vouch for my integrity in this regard.

Tell us how proficient you are with new data entry technologies and equipment.
Since I have been working as a data entry clerk for five years, I can work on most popular data entry software. I also have the capacity to learn new software in a time-efficient manner. I am competent in using keyboards, 10-key, data entry calculators, data recorders and optical scanners.

Besides your regular duties, are you able to perform front desk tasks?
Yes! I am adept at handling reception work and managing telephone exchange / PABX. My strong communication skills and customer focused approach enables me to manage all operations of front desk effectively.

Tell us three of your major attributes.
· Perfect and timely data entry of information
· Exceptional attention to detail
· Proven ability to work in a fast paced and multicultural environment

Describe yourself in three words.
Motivated, Diligent and Detail-oriented.