Entry-Level Records Clerk Resume with No Experience

Updated on: December 28, 2020

An individual applying for a records clerk position will need to ensure that their resume speaks volumes for their ability to handle the work effectively.

Even at the entry-level, you can highlight your key skills and abilities such as organization and efficiency to convince the hiring manager to hire you.

Typically, an entry-level records clerk resume should focus on what the individual can offer even if the experience is not a virtue.

Highlighting your knowledge of data collection, even if it is theoretical is most important. Equally important is to mention your ability to provide support to departments in terms of managing and collating records.

As a records clerk, your records clerk resume can be made along the lines of the following sample:

Records Clerk No Experience Resume Sample

Gina Hannigan
12 Treat Street, Concord, NH 10201
(000) 200-0202

Dedicated individual, with solid organizational skills seeking a Records Clerk Position at ABC Company. Utilizing the ability to perform clerical functions, and organize and manage records and documents in an orderly manner to ensure quick and efficient work processes.

High School Diploma
East Concord High School, Concord, NH – 2020

• Database Management
• German
• Shop
• Computer Education
• American History
• Civics

Academic Achievements
• Continuously stood at the top of the class for 4 years due to academic excellence
• Chosen to represent the school at a STEAM convention held in Beijing, China in 2019

• New File Preparation
• Payment Processing
• Inventory Assessment
• Research
• Scheduling
• Calendar Management


Records Intern
Exela Technologies, Concord, NH
10/2020 – 12/2020
• Collected and collated data according to predefined protocols
• Completed forms and generated correlating records
• Checked incoming paperwork, and made copies
• Converted manual data into electronic forms
• Created records and updated them into the system
• Checked and verified all records to ensure their viability
• Entered paperwork into electronic systems after verifying individual records
• Handled data access and retrieval requests
• Coordinated with all department heads to ensure that data was timely received
• Checked each field to ensure data appropriateness
• Placed checks and balances on databases and individual fields to ensure security
• Discouraged data breaches by ensuring that confidentiality issues were properly handled
• Ensured adherence to corporate laws and regulations

• MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Internet and Email

• Volunteered as a data entry operator at GEO Corrections and Detentions
• Spearheaded a team of data entry operators to work for the City of Concord office

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