Data Entry Clerk Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: April 1, 2022
Data Entry Clerk Job Description

Data entry clerks are an important part of an administrative team and work across many industries.

Wherever there is a huge amount of data involved, a data entry clerk is hired to punch it into an automated system.

Typically, data entry clerks enter data into a company’s predefined database systems. This data could be anything from employee and client records to medical information about patients and doctors.

The integrity of any system within a company is only valid if the data that it holds is updated on a regular basis. This alone tells us the importance of the position of a data entry clerk.

Any information that you enter into the system will be subsequently used by other people to derive references from or make reports.

If you are responsible for entering sales data into a database, the information that you enter may be used to create sales reports so you can imagine how important it is for you to be accurate.

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Data Entry Clerk Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

• Prepare and sort documents and datasheets for the purpose of data entry.

• Establish entry priorities by maintaining an understanding of what data needs to be entered first.

• Enter customers’ or employees’ data into the prescribed database software.

• Make sure that accurate data has been entered into the database.

• Follow data program techniques and procedures to maintain data entry requirements.

• Verify entered data by reviewing, correcting, changing, or deleting entered information.

• Secure entered information by creating data backups on a periodic basis.

• Confer with supervisor regarding incomplete information.

• Delete unnecessary files that may be slowing down the database.

• Check completed work for accuracy and make any required changes immediately.

• Perform document scanning work and link all scams with appropriate entries.

• Create and maintain logbooks of entered and changed data.

• Respond to information access and retrieval requests from authorized members.

• Check source documents against entered data to ensure data integrity at every stage.

• Assist in developing and maintaining improved records within the database system.

• Produce automated data entry and integration reports when requested.

• Generate statistical reports based on maintained data on a periodic basis.

• Test new database systems by performing mock data entry tasks.

Data Entry Position Requirements

Most companies do not require any formal education when it comes to hiring data entry clerks.

If your typing speed is good and you are detail-oriented, then you are eligible for this position.

However, a high school diploma, good reading, and writing skills, and the ability to be accurate might be prerequisites for this job.

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