Customer Service Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 2, 2019

Position Overview

Customer service is a vast concept that encompasses a great many positions.

Many people work on an array of positions in customer services.


While each of them has different duties that they need to perform, their goal is the same – customer satisfaction.

An individual can work in many positions in customer service role such as customer services manager, customer services assistant, and customer services representative.

Many professional roles are based on customer services.

For instance, people working in sales and marketing also work towards customer satisfaction so technically, they are also focused on customer services as well.


People working in customer services are required to be in touch with customers all the time, which is why they need to be pleasant and patient.

They need to possess a pleasant demeanor and also be good problem solvers.

Since there are so many positions in customer services, let us talk about some of the duties that are common to each.

Have a look at the list below:


Sample Job Description for Customer Service Resume

• Resolve customers’ complaints by ensuring positive outcomes

• Create and maintain customers’ accounts and ensure that all information is kept updated

• Provide customers with information regarding warranties and sales terms

• Demonstrate product features and employ suggestive selling skills to increase sales

• Assist customers with order placement, refunds, and exchanges

• Suggest information about a company’s products and services and answer any corresponding questions put forward by customers

• Perform cold calling tasks to attract new customers towards a business

• Reach out to potential customers by employing a series of sales pitches

• Assist existing customers with their purchasing activities and suggest new products

• Contact customers as part of the after sales policy of the company and inquire about any problems that they may be facing

• Maintain knowledge of product lines, prices, delivery times and promotional services for the benefit of providing information to customers

• Analyze transactions and correct discrepancies at the end of the shift

• Assist customers with the payment procedure by ensuring that the process is smooth

• Contact customers to ask for feedback and ensure that all feedback reports are completed and handed over at the end of the day

• Handle incoming calls from customers and provide information about products and services of the company

• Call customers to assist them with problems regarding the merchandise they may have purchased from the company

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