Customer Service Associate Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 21, 2022

No matter which industry you look at, you will find that customer service professionals dominate it.

Since customers are a company’s prime asset, it is crucial to keep them happy; this is the reason that so much effort is put into hiring and training people who are supposed to stay in direct contact with customers at all times.

Customer service associates are a company’s face as they are responsible for representing the company.

A customer service associate greets every customer who comes into the premises, and it is up to the latter to make sure that s/he leaves happy with the purchase they have made and with the service provided.

Working in this position can be tricky; you need to smile always and keep your temper in check even in the most adverse situations.

As a customer service associate, you will need to perform many tasks depending on the company where you work. You could be part of a vast advertising campaign or arrange displays.

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Job Duties for Customer Service Associate Resume

• Answer customer inquiries and forward them to other departments if required.

• Welcome customers and provide them with the required information.

• Accompany customers and visitors to the correct department or personnel.

• Arrange services such as deliveries for customers and ensure that they are carried out correctly.

• Provide customers with information on new and existing products and services.

• Demonstrate product features on the specific request of customers.

• Process customer purchases by directing them through cash and packaging procedures.

• Ensure that any application of discounts is handled properly.

• Handle stock damage and loss by following the company’s policies and protocols.

• Work as a point of contact for customers’ complaints and inquiries.

• Proactively handle complaints or relay them to a senior.

• Ensure that suggestive selling techniques are employed in order to meet personal and company sales goals.

• Process cash, credit and check payments and return any change tendered.

• Take telephone calls and provide information to callers.

• Make sure that any items that need to b delivered are done so in a time-efficient manner.

• Make follow-up calls to customers as part of after-sales services.

• Take customers’ information and perform data entry services in order to save them in the company’s database.

• Administer refunds and replacements in accordance with the company’s policies.

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