24 Skills and Abilities for Customer Service Resume

Updated on: December 3, 2019

Skills are a virtue when working in customer service field. Without mentioning them in your resume, you cannot convince the hiring manager that you deserve an interview. 

These skills would include communication skills, knowledge of handling problems, familiarity with complaint management, and ability to process orders, and follow up on them.


Some sample skills statements for a customer services representative resume are provided here:

Skills and Abilities for Customer Service Resume

  1. Successful track record of maintaining a positive and professional attitude at all times
  2. Ability to respond to customers’ queries in a prompt manner
  3. Knowledge of communicating with customers through different avenues
  4. Dmonstrated expertise in processing orders, forms, and applications
  5. Expert in providing customers with product and services information
  6. Highly skilled in creating and maintaining customers’ records
  7. Documented success in meeting all customer satisfaction and sales goals
  8. Familiar with opening and maintaining accounts by recording appropriate information
  9. Well-versed in resolving product or service problems according to company protocols
  10. Proficient in recommending services and products according to customers’ requirements
  11. Adept at preparing product and service reports by collecting and analyzing customer information
  12. Proven ability to service a large number of incoming calls
  13. Solid track record of effectively managing outbound calls for sales and information
  14. Competent in generating sales leads and following up on them
  15. Known to build sustainable relationships through interactive communication
  16. Highly experienced in identifying and assessing customers’ needs in order to ensure satisfaction
  17. Deeply insightful about processing orders for products and services
  18. Talented in selling products to existing customers through upselling activities
  19. Unmatched ability to resolving inbound and outbound support requests
  20. Able to suggest solutions for malfunctioning products
  21. Exceptionally skilled in informing customers about new deals and discounts
  22. Skilled in determining opportunities for new sales
  23. Experienced in analyzing customers’ future needs in order to ensure satisfaction
  24. Hands-on experience in keeping constantly in touch with new products and services offered by the company