Customer Service Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 4, 2019

Position Overview

Customer service specialists work with virtually all types of companies.

Their work is to ensure the provision of exceptional customer services to gain customer loyalty and recurring business.


Working directly under the supervision of a customer service manager, they respond to customers’ questions and attempt to resolve their problems.

These professionals may keep in touch with customers over the telephone or in-person depending on what their job description says.

When customers have problems, questions, or complaints that customer service representatives cannot resolve, they turn to customer service specialists.

Since they are responsible for providing superior services, companies usually have high expectations from them.


They need to be courteous and possess the ability to listen patiently and mentally calculate how they will resolve issues. Once they understand what customers need, they ensure that it is provided to them by keeping within company policies.

Position Requirements

The minimum qualification to work as a customer service specialist is a high school diploma. Although employers prefer people with a bachelor’s degree.

If you want to be eligible for this position, you will need to possess strong people and excellent follow-through skills.

Some of the duties that you will be performing in this position are:

Job Description for Customer Service Specialist Resume

• Take calls from customers and provide them with information regarding company’s products and services

• Respond to customers’ queries in a prompt and efficient manner

• Ensure that any problems that customers complain of are handled in an immediate fashion

• Respond to messages left by customers by replying to emails or calling them back

• Evaluate clients’ needs and provide recommendations

• Create and update accounts of customers

• Ensure that all customer service requests are filled within a targeted timelines

• Perform research activities to answer difficult questions

• Liaise with other departments to ensure the provision of excellent customer services

• Ensure that all information is clearly communicated to customers

• Provide customers with information on company policies, procedures, and protocols

• Act as a customer advocate to resolve their issues by ascertaining urgency and sensitivity

• Update information in internal systems to reflect customer activities

• Provide support in identifying and communicating both current and projected trends

• Contribute ideas and research information for process improvement

• Assist in opening and closing customer accounts and ensure that any limitations are dealt with according to company policies

• Issue billing details to customers, explain items on invoices and ensure that any discrepancies are managed properly