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Kitchen Expeditor Job Description for Resume

Working as a kitchen expeditor can be a lot of fun. Of course, it is a lot of hard work too. As a kitchen expeditor, your main job is to ensure that the flow of orders is properly managed. Typically, kitchen expeditors work in restaurants and hotels. A high school diploma is usually sufficient to… Read More »

Entry Level Food Prep Resume No Experience

For entry-level food prep positions, the resume has to be perfect from every angle. The good news is that even if it is not perfect, you will be forgiven since it is not just lack of experience where work is concerned, but lack of experience in writing resumes as well, that prevails here. However, it… Read More »

Entry Level Food Prep Cover Letter

For an entry-level food prep position, writing a cover letter is always a problem. It is not for lack of skills, but the inability to place them in a cover letter that brings a candidate down. Most hiring managers understand this situation, and they will not hold it against you if your cover letter isn’t… Read More »

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Culinary School

As an employer or a teacher, you will often be requested to write recommendation letters. Give them serious thought. Recommendation letters are read and given great credence to. If you are ever asked to write one, make sure that you write positive things about the person for whom you are writing it. For instance, your… Read More »

Culinary Internship Resume Sample and Tips

Writing a resume for an internship is quite different from writing a professional one. However, it is technically easier. The following are some effective resume writing tips and a sample that will guide you as you build a culinary internship resume. See also: Culinary Externship Resume Culinary Internship Cover Letter Sample and Guide Culinary Externship Resume Sample… Read More »

Culinary Internship Cover Letter Sample and Guide

Most candidates for a culinary internship position are required to write a cover letter. As an entry-level applicant with no experience in the culinary field, job seekers are often intimidated by the task. The following are some guidelines and a sample cover letter that will help you in building an effective and compelling cover letter… Read More »

Entry-Level Kitchen Hand Cover Letter With No Experience

Job seekers with no experience in hand find cover letter writing difficult because they usually believe that a cover letter is all about the experience. This concept is incorrect. An entry-level Kitchen Hand Cover Letter, with no experience, is basically about convincing the employer that you are able to perform all kinds of kitchen assisting tasks.… Read More »