Kitchen Hand Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on December 4, 2014

Candidates with no practical experience in hand find cover letter writing a really difficult task since they have falsely been led to believe that a cover letter is all about your experience. This notion is highly incorrect. On the contrary, a cover letter is basically about convincing the employer that you can get the job at hand done and possess the capability of handling the kind of workload they require you to.

Here are some cover letter writing secrets to facilitate you in coming up with an impressive kitchen hand cover letter:

• Address the letter correctly and directly to the concerned authority

• Come up with a catchy beginning paragraph

• Relate your qualifications and transferable skills to the employer’s requirements

• Request an interview in the last paragraph

• Chalk out a follow-up plan and communicate the same to show your eagerness for the job

Below is a kitchen hand cover letter sample for candidates having no experience.


Kitchen Hand Cover Letter with No Experience


Martha Nelson

450 Olive Lane • Pilbara, WA 54002 • (003) 222-1111 • martha @email . com

December 4th, 2014

Mr. Henry Jacobson
HR Manager
50 NW Ave
Pilbara, WA 54002


Dear Mr. Jacobson:

Like your motto, I strongly believe that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that extra and proud to admit that I am a person who is always willing to put in that extra effort required for making things worthwhile and taking experiences to the next level.

Following my recent graduation from St. Louise High, I now seek an entry level kitchen hand position with FISH N FRIES. I offer a strong work ethic, proactive thinking and eagerness to learn and excel in whatever tasks the kitchen manager will direct me to perform.

Below features are representative of my qualifications and potential:

• Extensive knowledge of safe, healthy and hygienic work place practices
• Apt in anticipating the chef’s needs and proactively catering for the same
• An industrious and hardworking individual with a keen eye to details
• Functional knowledge regarding operation of equipment commonly used in kitchens including microwaves and dishwashers
• Deep-rooted passion for cooking along with a knack for food presentation and table setting
• Excellent time management skills and profound ability to maintain supply inventories

I strongly believe that an interview with me will convince you regarding my capabilities as a kitchen hand. Kindly communicate and suitable meeting date and time at (003) 222-1111 at your earliest convenience. I will call your office on Thursday to answer your queries regarding my background and qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Martha Nelson

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