Entry Level Food Prep Cover Letter

Updated on: March 3, 2018

For an entry-level food prep position, writing a cover letter is always a problem.

It is not for lack of skills, but the inability to place them in a cover letter that brings a candidate down.

Most hiring managers understand this situation, and they will not hold it against you if your cover letter isn’t exactly what they expected. Nonetheless, you have to try and live up to their expectations.

Cover letters are tricky to write, especially for rookies. One has to use the right language, and the format needs to be just perfect.

Also, one needs to be exceptionally good in getting the message across that there is no one better than you to hire. A good cover letter sample can do wonders to give you a jumpstart. Here is one:


Entry Level Food Prep Cover Letter Sample


March 3, 2018

Mr. Nelson Jobs
Human Resource Manager
The Food Factory
1766 Gregory Peck Road
Long Island, NY17369


Dear Mr. Jobs:

I am writing to express my Interest in food prep position posted on indeed.com. I recently graduated from the Spice Perfection Culinary School, where my degree in culinary sciences helped me understand and appreciate food preparation work quite profoundly. Anticipating putting my skills and knowledge to good use by providing their benefit to The Food Factory, I invite you to review the accompanying resume.

As one of the most accomplished culinary students, my work was appreciated by not just my teachers, but peers as well. My comprehension of handling food preparation work such as cleaning and sanitizing food preparation areas, storing food items in designated storage areas, cutting, chopping, cubing, and slicing meats, vegetables, cheeses, and fruits, so that they can be used in main dishes is profound.

I am well-versed in creating sandwiches, soups, and salads, by following recipes and instructions. As an enthusiastic individual, my addition to your team of food preparers will bring about a tremendous positive change in your restaurant kitchen, allowing chefs and cooks to work with great perfection. Moreover, I am trained in performing both preventative and regular maintenance on kitchen appliances and equipment, and I am aware of sanitary practices of food preparation.

Hoping to further elaborate on why I believe that my skills and academic background in a culinary discipline will contribute extensively, I will contact you soon to arrange a meeting date and time. Until then, you may call for any further information that you may need to process my job application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Sam Worth

(000) 201-9656

Enc: (Resume)