Culinary Internship Cover Letter Sample and Guide

Updated on: August 1, 2020

Most candidates for a culinary internship position are required to write a cover letter. As an entry-level applicant with no experience in the culinary field, job seekers are often intimidated by the task.

The following are some guidelines and a sample cover letter that will help you in building an effective and compelling cover letter for a culinary internship.

How to Write a Winning Cover Letter for Culinary Internship?

Customize your letter
Never use the same cover letter for applying at more than one place. Each cover letter must be customized to suit the company you are applying to and must address their specific needs.

Emphasize your value 
Let the employer know what you can do for them in light of their expectations of the role.

Grab their attention
In order to capture the reader’s attention, the unique and strong beginning of your letter is very crucial.

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Sample Cover Letter for Culinary Internship

Daniel Marshall
(004) 555-6666
daniela @ email . com

August 1, 2020

Mr. Fredrick James
HR Manager
788 Fiery Ave
Peach Tree City, GA 54009

Dear Mr. James:

I was excited to learn of your internship position through your website and am eager to join the Hershey’s team as a culinary intern. As a recent culinary graduate with a deep-rooted interest in fusion food and strong knowledge regarding commercial kitchen cooking protocols, I look forward to using my skills and education productively at Hershey.

The following are some of my skills that directly relate to your job description:

  1. Expert in food prep tasks, entrée and appetizer preparation
  2. Substantial knowledge regarding kitchen sanitation maintenance requirements
  3. Competent in reproducing various savory and dessert recipes
  4. Great attention to detail with sound ability to follow directions efficiently
  5. Proven ability to assist in kitchen clean up tasks and hygienic storage of leftover food

Besides a culinary educational background, I offer strong customer service and communication skills. During the practical projects I have undertaken as part of my degree, I have developed strong teamwork acumen. My commendable interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively in a group will definitely prove to be an asset in this role.

I would like to discuss my relevant talents with you in detail in a meeting in person. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Daniel Marshall
(004) 555-6666
daniela @ email . com

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