Culinary Arts Students Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: August 1, 2020

Cooking and baking are high points of interest for many people, which is why they peruse degrees in culinary arts. But to be successful in these areas, one has to be skillful as well.

Whether you are talking about your skills in a student capacity, or at the workplace, both are important.

Specifically, when you are applying for a position as a chef, cook, or baker, you will need to highlight your knowledge of the work in both your resume and cover letter. This will allow the hiring manager to zero in on your specific abilities, and match them with his or her own requirements.

As a culinary arts student, your first job will be the most important. And in order to obtain it, you will need to make a list of all the skills and capabilities that you possess, so that they can be made part of your job application documents.

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A list of skills statements particular to this position is provided here:


Skills and Qualifications for Culinary Arts Student Resume

• Unmatched ability to set menus in conjunction with the restaurant management

• Effectively able to create recipes in several cuisines, such as French, Italian, and Indian

• Competent in planning event menus in accordance with customers’ specifications

• Highly skilled in managing and overseeing kitchen staff members

• Expert in preparing food items such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables

• Adept at performing marinating tasks in order to prepare food items for cooking and baking

• Proficient in performing cooking and baking tasks

• Qualified to ensure the quality of food items in sync with set measuring metrics

• Familiar with overseeing staff activities in order to ensure timely food preparation

• Able to aesthetically garnish and portion food items on plates and platters

• Proven ability to ensure kitchen cleanliness and sanitization regularly

• Solid track record of effectively handling food supplies inventory

• Exceptionally talented in coordinating the activities of sous chefs and food preparation workers

• Well-versed in inspecting supplies, equipment, and work areas to ensure consistent cleanliness

• Demonstrated ability to order food supplies by creating productive relationships with vendors and suppliers

• Ability to examine food ingredients for freshness levels

• Skilled in baking, grilling, and frying food items according to set standards and protocols

• Deep familiarity with handling large orders for events, such as weddings and parties

• Competent in baking cakes, and aesthetically decorating them using fondant, cream, and toppers

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