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Culinary Internship Resume Sample and Tips

Writing a resume for an internship is quite different from writing a professional one. However, it is technically easier. The following are some effective resume writing tips and a sample that will guide you as you build a culinary internship resume. See also: Culinary Externship Resume Culinary Externship Resume Sample & Writing Guide Culinary Arts Students Skills… Read More »

Culinary Internship Cover Letter Sample and Guide

Most candidates for a culinary internship position are required to write a cover letter. As an entry-level applicant with no experience in the culinary field, job seekers are often intimidated by the task. The following are some guidelines and a sample cover letter that will help you in building an effective and compelling cover letter… Read More »

Sample Cover Letter for Culinary Student Resume

culinary students are often required to take up internships or externships in a bid to complete their degrees. These experiences teach them how to work in a culinary environment in real-time. However, temporary work in the culinary world is difficult to secure owing to the high competition. But this is no reason not to try to… Read More »

Best Sample Resume for Culinary Arts Student

The joys of food do not end at eating – many people enjoy creating food as much as others like eating them. Resumes that are written primarily for creators of good food need to be much more than ordinary. Many chefs around the world boast of being able to create great looking and delightfully tasting food… Read More »

Culinary Externship Resume Sample & Writing Guide

Resume writing is a complex task at all career levels; however, the difficulty enhances if the resume is for an externship or internship position. Since culinary externships typically enroll culinary students who are expected to deal with and indirectly serve many valued customers at various fine restaurants, the employers are very choosy while selecting candidates.… Read More »

Culinary Externship Cover Letter Sample and Guide

An externship position in the culinary is a student-based position that may or may not be paid. The primary purpose of the position is to provide professional training to the candidates in their chosen field. It is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience and training in the culinary arts. Your cover letter for culinary externship serves… Read More »

Culinary Student Resume Sample and Guide

Culinary students have many opportunities to work across many platforms. A culinary student resume built for this purpose needs to focus on the student’s knowledge of culinary arts. Depending on what a culinary student wants to work as s/he will need to be specific when writing a resume. Culinary students looking for work or internship… Read More »