6 Culinary Student Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 16, 2021

Now that you are done with your education in culinary arts, and applied for your first job, it is time to start preparing for the interview.

Determining what questions you will be asked during the interview process is important. As important is to prepare for them in advance.

In a culinary position, you will most likely be asked about your skills in preparing food items, and cooking. As someone who has great knowledge of cooking and baking, answering these questions will be a piece of cake for you.

Depending on where you are applying, you will need to project your knowledge of different types of dishes, and how they are prepared.

You may also be tested on your ability to set menus and create recipes.

A set of interview questions and answers for a culinary student is provided below for your reference:

6 Common Questions and Answers for Culinary Student Interview

1. Why did you choose to obtain a degree in a culinary setting?

Cooking and baking are areas that I have always been intrigued by. Even as a young individual, I would want to try out new dishes, spanning multiple cuisines. It was quite obvious for me to take up culinary arts.

2. What skills do you offer in this regard?

I am well-versed in preparing and cooking food items across several cuisines, such as French, Indian, Italian, and American. My skills in setting menus and creating recipes are excellent. In addition, I can effectively follow set recipes in order to create delicious food items and can garnish dishes in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Besides that, I am competent in overseeing food hygiene and safety, ensuring that all food preparation and cooking practices remain in sync with set protocols and procedures.

3. How good are you in baking?

Baking is a great point of interest for me. I am exceptionally talented in baking cakes, bread, cookies, macarons, and scones, amongst other items. Decorating baked items, using fondant, buttercream, and toppings is another area that I am qualified in.

4. What do you find most challenging about the work of a chef?

Challenges are something that I actually look forward to. I would probably not point out one challenge, as working in a culinary setting is always challenging.

5. What is the one dish that you can create which you are extremely proud of?

While I can create dozens of exotic dishes, the one that I am proud of is my own creation. I call it Davealova. It’s an Italian dish made from pasta and a sauce which is my own recipe.

6. What are your future plans?

Right now, I am just stepping into the professional world. One day, I would like to manage the whole staff of restaurant.

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