Medical Courier Resume Sample

Updated on: July 1, 2021

Medical or lab couriers are responsible for ensuring that medical records, specimens, and other medical information or items are safely transported between hospitals and labs.

Many hospitals do not have laboratory facilities; this is the reason they need to outsource laboratory services.

They designate one or more laboratories and acquire their services remotely. Medical couriers help immensely in making sure that this is possible by ensuring the flow remains smooth.

To work as a medical courier, one need not have any formal medical background.

However, it is crucial to possess the ability to work fast, as laboratory samples cannot wait beyond a specific time frame.

Medical couriers also need to be excellent drivers as more often than not they drive the vehicle that hosts medical records and specimens.

People who are looking for a medical courier position may want to take a look at the following resume sample for this position.

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Medical Courier Resume Example

Tony Henderson
67 Durham Lake Road, Dudley, NC 28300
(000) 999-6325
[email protected]


Energetic and highly motivated professional with extensive experience in safely transporting medical records, specimens, test results, and images to and from medical facilities. High attention to detail with a great focus on timely deliveries and knowledge of both local streets and interstate highways. Possess A valid driver’s license and willing to pass an MVR check.

• Constantly met delivery deadlines between the year 2008 and 2020
• Introduced and placed a delivery report system that updates delivery status immediately at the flick of a click
• Handled a very tricky delivery situation brought on by rain and traffic jams by employing tact and good knowledge of local roads
• Attained a commendation award for continuously meeting delivery targets over a ten year period


Medical Courier
Medical Logistics Solutions – Dudley, NC
2016 – Present
• Take item and delivery instructions from the facility and ensure that it is well understood
• Ensure that medical records, images or specimens are correctly loaded and secured in the van
• Make sure that all corresponding documentation is available for each item
• Check the documentation to ensure credibility and conformity
• Chart out the best possible route to the destination keeping traffic and mileage in mind
• Drive the van to the designated facility to deliver or pick up items
• Ensure the safety of each item during delivery
• Update delivery information on the company database in a real-time manner
• Log mileage and maintenance information in the company-provided logbook

Medical Courier Aide 
Cellnetix – Dudley, NC 
2006 – 2016
• Ensured counting and inventory of all medical items to be picked or dropped
• Made sure that each piece was adequately secured in the transport vehicle
• Arranged items along with proper documentation
• Assisted medical courier in charting out appropriate routes to the destination
• Handled waste management duties according to the company’s protocols

Richmond High School, Dudley, NC – 2000

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