Courier Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: December 20, 2021
Courier Job Description

Couriers work in business and commercial settings where their job is to deliver essential documents and items from one place to another.

While this is mostly a full-time position, some professionals and students work as part-time couriers to supplement their income.

When working for a courier company, couriers take orders on the phone or wireless data service to determine where an item needs to be picked up and where it must be delivered.

Depending on the delivery order, couriers may be expected to pick up the payment.

When delivering an item or a document, they take signatures on delivery papers.

They need to be very careful when making deliveries as accuracy and time efficiency are a very big part of the job.

Some couriers pick up their deliveries from a central place like the courier company; customers deliver their items at the service counter, and couriers pick them up and deliver them to the destination.

Couriers are expected to be excellent drivers as most couriers need to drive a delivery truck to make deliveries.

A good driving record and a valid driver’s license are important prerequisites when applying for this position.

Here is a list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities for a courier position.

Sample Duties and Responsibilities to Add in a Courier Resume

• Perform the delivery tasks and pick-up of customer material in a polite, resourceful, and professional manner.

• Load and unload a delivery truck through a variety of mechanisms.

• Ensure documents are delivered and entered accurately.

• Perform mailroom organization tasks.

• Coordinate incoming and outgoing mail.

• Communicate with the central office through a mobile device.

• Operate vehicle for the delivery of mail, supplies, products, and materials.

• Maintain route supply inventory to ensure prompt delivery of products to customers.

• Provide essential customer service by giving the required information.

• Update and maintain delivery records.