Hospital Courier Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 20, 2021

Hospital couriers are hired by healthcare organizations to transport important documents and specimens between facilities.

This job holds high importance as the reputation of the organization depends on how documents and specimens are handled, particularly where the integrity of samples is concerned.

Medical couriers need to be exceptionally vigilant when carrying and transporting these so that loss, theft or contamination is not imminent.

If working as a hospital courier is what you want to do, you do not need a higher than a high school diploma or a GED, but you do need to be able to drive safely and possess a valid driver’s license.

Since you may have to travel between states and cities, it is crucial that you know your way around and can make efficient use of maps and the GPS to chart out short and safe means of reaching your destination.

You will also need to be well-organized and thorough in what you do so that the right parcel is delivered to the right person and that nothing goes amiss.

Sample Job Description for Hospital Courier Resume

• Study courier orders to determine time and destination of delivery.

• Pick up parcels containing medical records and charts and patient samples and read and understand instructions for care.

• Place and stack packs safely in the delivery vehicle along with corresponding papers and receipts.

• Chart out the shortest and most efficient way to reach the delivery destination on conventional maps or the GPS.

• Drive delivery vehicle to the destination by ensuring delivery haul integrity at all times.

• Verify the name of the recipient by checking identities and hand over parcels to them.

• Ensure that signatures are obtained on receipts and that any correlating paperwork is handed over.

• Contact base station to confirm deliveries and document both time and date in the mobile log.

• Return any undelivered packs/parcels to the facility and provide valid reasons for failed deliveries.

• Drive the delivery vehicle back to the dock and ensure that it is properly parked.

• Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on the delivery vehicle including oil changes, tire air pressure, and fueling.