Medical Courier Job Description Sample

Updated on: April 12, 2022
Position Overview

A medical courier is an individual who delivers patients’ specimens, lab reports, and other related medical documents from one place to another.

He usually drives a vehicle (truck, van, or car, depending on the type of item that needs to be transported) and it is his responsibility to make sure that whatever he is handed, reaches its destination without problems.

Medical couriers need to be very responsible and manage their time well – since they often have to transport specimens/samples which may spoil after a given time, they are required to be conscientious of time.

Position Requirements

While one does not really need any licensing (apart from a valid driver’s license) to work as a medical courier service, some security clearance may be needed to work in this role.

Medical couriers often transport donor organs from one facility to another and the company would not want to hire someone who is not trustworthy.


There are no formal educational requirements to work as a medical courier but a high school diploma may come in handy.

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At this position, you will be performing some or all of the following duties:

Medical Courier Duties and Responsibilities

• Study orders for delivery of specimens, organs, and medical documents.

• Understand specific instructions provided pertaining to care and time allowance.

• Ensure that specimens and documents are properly packed so that they can be transported safely.

• Place items in cold storage within the vehicle (or as instructions detail) and ensure that they are secured safely.

• Ensure that medical documents are properly secured in dockets.

• Count the number of pages to ensure that as many papers are delivered.

• Take orders for delivering items to specified destinations and understand the need for urgency.

• Ensure all accompanying documents such as receipts are kept along with items.

• Chart out an appropriate route on the GPS or map to make sure that the least amount of time is taken to reach the destination.

• Drive the vehicle to the destination in a safe manner, keeping the time of delivery in mind.

• Deliver items and documents to the assigned person and take signatures on receipts.

• Give headquarters a heads up as soon as deliveries are made.

• Perform preventative and general maintenance on the vehicle so that it does not break down midway.