Courier Job Description

Couriers and messengers carry documents and packages and get their instructions either personally or by mobile device. They plan the most resourceful route and delivery plan.

A resume for courier or messenger position has a number of sections such as objective, summary of qualifications, skills, education, trainings and experience etc. In fact, the qualifications and/or skills section is the most important part of a courier resume. Candidates who focus on this section frequently get an interview.

Following are a number of bullet skills phrases for a courier resume. You may use these statements either in skills or qualifications section of your resume.

Courier / Messenger Resume Skills and Qualifications

• Highly skilled in picking up and delivering items to their ultimate destinations
• Track record of verifying delivery information, for instance names, addresses, and contact numbers
• Demonstrated ability to load and unload items from delivery vehicles
• Competent at planning and following the most resourceful routes for delivery
• Proven record of collecting essential payments and signatures from customers
• Ability to record package delivery information, for example time of delivery and recipient’s name
• Profound ability to communicate verbally with customers in a professional manner
• Able to complete paperwork accurately and completely
• Proficient in MS Word and Excel
• Dedicated and meticulous – high level of accuracy and attention to detail