Teaching a regular class is a quite challenging job – and teaching a special education class is even more so. In order to meet the demands of a class of students with special needs, special educators are hired by institutes. These people are trained in handling the social, cognitive and academic needs of students with physical or mental disabilities. They chart out individually based curriculum to handle these needs and also develop lesson plans to ensure that each student is educated by providing individual attention.

Special educators may be trained to handle toddlers and infants, elementary or high school students or even adults. Most special education training is provided to people who handle young students. They need to have a degree in special education and lots of patience to be able to work well at this position. The following resume sample will give you an idea on how you can write one when applying for this position.


Special Educator Resume Sample


Sylvia Cunningham

600 Forest Ct ■ Gary, IN 46012 ■ (012) 999-9999 ■ sylvia @ email . com


Goal oriented individual with an extensive background of age-appropriate curriculum and lesson plan development for students with special needs. Well-versed in handling adverse situations and ensuring that educational setting is fun, safe and conducive to social, cognitive, physical and psychological development. Possess IN state licensure in Special Education.


♦ Curriculum planning♦ Students’ evaluation♦ Individual and group planning
♦ Staff consultation♦ Documentation♦ Special education coordination
♦ Record keeping♦ Direct service♦ Individual education programs (IEP)


• Introduced a proactive plan at aimed at changing the lives of students with special needs on a fundamental basis
• Implemented a student evaluation program based on data taken from each individual student’s medical histories in order to provide fair evaluations
• Coordinated the efforts of speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and special educators to create and implement effective student-ready programs
• Wrote a book titled Specially Yours based on a true life event of a former student of the institute


Sunshine – Gary, IN
Special Educator | 2009 – Present

• Plan, create and implement special education curriculum
• Prepare lesson plans on a daily basis and in accordance to each student’s physical and cognitive ability
• Encourage students to take part in limited physical activities
• Assist students with specific disabilities on an individual basis
• Promote learning using individualized instruction and problem-solving assignments
• Engage students in group talk and circle time to help boost self confidence
• Evaluate students using predesigned evaluation modules
• Provide progress reports to parents and answer queries

Little Stars – Gary, IN
Paraprofessional – Special Education | 2002 – 2009

• Assisted in carrying out lessons in accordance to curriculum
• Handled students with special needs by providing them assistance with eating and toileting
• Managed classroom behavior and ensured that no unsavory act is prevalent
• Assisted in procuring learning aides and resources for students with special education need
• Provided support in checking and grading assignments and making evaluation reports
• Recorded student data in pre-designated database


BS in Special Education | Indiana State University, Gary, IN  2001