Operations clerks spend most of their work day in providing clerical support to top executives of a company. They handle correspondence, telephone calls, emails and manage bookkeeping duties so that executives can work without any hindrances. As their designation suggests, operations clerks mostly handle support work even though quite a lot of work that they do is administrative in nature as well.

To work as a successful operational clerk, you need to possess an analytic mind and be very organized. Since top executives work primarily on deadlines, time-efficiency is of great importance. A delay in scheduling meetings or handling travel arrangements can mean great financial loss. This is one of the reasons that operations clerks are hired following intense interviews and great selection pains.

If you want to obtain this position, you may want to write a cover letter that is an eye opener. The following sample cover letter can be used to base your own on.


Operations Clerk Cover Letter


Jack Nicholson

5101 15th Street SW ● Jamestown, ND ● (005) 444-4444 ● jack @ email . com

December 31, 2015

Mr. Cary Johnson
Manager Human Resources
48 4th Street SE
Jamestown, ND 55553


Dear Mr. Johnson:

I was actively seeking a position in the capacity of an Operations Clerk when I came across your advertisement in the Daily Post for the same. I would like to offer a high energy, keen organizational skills and analytic mind to contribute to the BankFirst.

Specifically, I have a successful track record of handling the following facets of operational work:

• Maintaining records and compiling reports
• Performing data entry
• Maintaining department files
• Assisting with planning and special projects

Being well-versed in clerical tasks and executive support activities, I am confident that my addition to your team will be very advantageous. My expertise encompasses exceptional ability to handle bookkeeping tasks while demonstrating excellent customer service skills. I deem my planning, organization and communication strengths equally important; the benefit of my training and experience would be visible from my very first day at work.

It would be a great honor to meet with you in person and elaborate features of my candidacy which make me suitable for this position. Please feel free to contact me at (005) 444-4444 for any further information you may need that will help make my application more credible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson

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