12 Camp Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 26, 2021

If you have applied for a position that requires you to be responsible for other people, you will have to pay particular attention to the answers that you provide at the interview.

That is because you will be tested on your ability to handle people and ensure their safety.

It means that you will need to be careful when answering questions aimed at your personality and experience in working with people.

Interviews are aimed at determining if a candidate is suitable for a particular position – both professionally and personally.

Both these aspects are taken into account when designing an interview.

If you can satisfy the interviewer on both these accounts, your chances of employment are greatly increased.

Some interview questions can leave us confused simply because we were not expecting them and we end up bungling the entire interview.

To make sure that this does not happen, we must be able to anticipate the questions we will be asked and make preparations to answer them.

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A camp counselor, for instance, maybe asked some of the following questions – potential answers are provided for your guidance.

12 Common Camp Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

1. Explain some of the essential duties that are particular to a camp counselor’s role.

The first thing a camp counselor does is create and implement a schedule for the group under his or her care.

Subsequent duties include organizing and leading activities just as crafts, games, nature hunts, swimming, and archery.

It is important to participate in all camp activities robustly and ensure the safety of members on a constant basis.

2. Why did you choose to become a summer camp counselor?

Way back when I was a child, I used to attend many summer camps. I’m an adventurous person, and this profession has appealed to me since then.

I mean what can be better to get paid for something you enjoy doing, like camping.

3. Name three characteristics of a good camp counselor.

Maturity, common sense, and good judgment are keys to be a successful camp counselor.

4. Have you ever worked with a member of a group that may have limitations or disabilities? What was your experience?

I have come across many members who have physical limitations and disabilities. While it is not easy to handle one person who has limitations when others don’t, it is something that one has to do.

I was required to exercise a lot of patience and learn new skills in handling certain situations. I believe that this experience made me more equipped to handle challenging tasks of this nature.

5. Would you prefer not to work with a particular age group? Why or why not?

I am comfortable working with every age group. Each age group that one works with provides one with insight into the different manners that they need to be dealt with.

This is an education in itself, and I would not like to limit myself despite some age groups providing more challenges than others.

6. How do you handle a parent who is overreacting to the way their child is being kept or activities that are being conducted?

I deal with such parents calmly, listen carefully to their concerns and reply to them politely; addressing the issues they brought up one by one.

Additionally, I refer them to the management if they are still not satisfied.

7. Which skills have you improved in most over the past three years?

I have developed skills in handling children and adolescents who are misbehaving or are homesick.

After extensive interaction with children of various ages, I have come to understand ways to tackle mood swings and tantrums.

8. What are your interests and hobbies?

I’m an outdoor person into sports, fishing, team games, and hiking.

9. How do you handle a medical emergency situation?

I am first aid certified and fully capable of handling medical emergencies. In case of any unfortunate event, I provide first aid personally to the affected person.

Once the patient is stable, I call for professional medical assistance if needed. A nurse also accompanies the summer camps, and the situation is usually controlled within the camp.

10. What will you do if one camper refuses to participate in the group activity other 15 people are doing?

Before initiating an activity, I usually take everybody’s consent and generate enough team spirit to have a consensus on the planned action. If however a member still refuses or does not agree I’ll check if there is a serious problem underlying the behavior.

Once satisfied I don’t press them to involve in that particular activity but if the refusal persists in following activities, I probe further and counsel the person if needed.

11. What age group are you comfortable in working with?

I am equally comfortable in working with any age group be it toddlers, young children, teenagers, or adults.

12. Can you handle a group that includes one or two children with a disability?

Yes, I have previously worked with a group consisting of a hearing disabled teenager and an ADHD five-year-old.