Cook Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on June 9, 2018

The interview process scares us into not being able to answer questions, even when we know the answers like the back of our hands. Unfortunately, this feeling can make us fail at an interview even if we are pros at what we do.

Let go of the fear as it will only bring you down. Pose as a confident individual even if you are sweating buckets of nervousness.

For guidance, go through the following set of interview questions and answers for the cook position.


Cook Interview Questions and Answers

What are your specialties?
I am highly experienced in cooking Italian, Chinese, French, German, Turkish and Indian cuisines, along with handling our traditional American food as well.

Which cuisine do you believe is now becoming a worldwide trend in eating? Why do you think it is becoming popular?
I believe that Indian food is now becoming quite popular. This is mainly because it is considered healthy because of its vegan nature. As more and more people are becoming inclined to eat healthily, this particular cuisine is becoming a hot favorite of people around the world.

Apart from cooking, what have been your specific duties in a cook position?
I have been actively involved in overseeing the work of food preparers, sous chefs, and line cooks during the ten years that I have worked as a cook. Furthermore, I have been responsible for ensuring that food hygiene and safety practices are followed appropriately.

Has there ever been an incident where a restaurant patron has become unwell after eating from your kitchen?
Up till now, an incident of this sort hasn’t happened, and I intend to keep it this way.

What practices do you think are responsible for an untoward incident such as this not happening?
I believe in overseeing the work of others and checking myself regularly as well. When you have checks and balances such as the ones that I have placed, a thing like this is almost impossible to happen.

On a typical workday, what are your duties as a cook?
I begin with inspecting food preparation areas to ensure that they are cleaned and sanitized. I then oversee all food preparation activities and perform some myself as well. I gather ingredients, cook and bake dishes according to set recipes and ensure that customers’ orders are delivered on time.

Tell us two reasons why you believe that portioning is of the utmost importance?
Portioning is essential firstly because you have to maintain quality. You have to make sure that customers get their money’s worth. It works as a marketing tool in this case. Secondly, portioning food properly means that you are working within the food budget provided to you.

What has been your most significant accomplishment as a cook?
Recently, I suggested incorporation of a vegan section for health-conscious customers. This increased customer base by 45% and also increased the restaurant’s revenue by a staggering 58%. I believe this is my most significant accomplishment yet.

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