Camp Counselor Resume Sample

Updated on: November 6, 2022

A Camp Counsellor is responsible for the well-being and safety of young children at camp. They create and coordinate engaging activities for the campers, develop new programs, and supervise campers to make sure they are safe and happy at all times.

If you want to apply for a camp counselor job, you will need to write a compelling resume.

Here is a sample resume to help you in this regard.

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Camp Counselor Resume Example

Tina Mane
220 Park Boulevard
Venice, FL 12020
(000) 210-4121
tina.mane @ email . com


Enthusiastic Camp Counselor with over 12 years of experience in supervising and guiding camping groups to ensure a positive and nurturing camp experience. Highly skilled in planning, organizing, and implementing age-appropriate activities and maintaining a constant count of campers. Works cooperatively with staff members and participants to ensure constant harmony. A proactive individual who is adept at acquainting participants with camp rules, activities, daily schedules, and traditions of camp.

• Group Leading • Behavior Management
• Rainy day Programs • Camper Count
• Positive Interaction • Potential Volunteers Identification
• Problem Solving • Weekly Scheduling
• Activities Execution • Accident / Incident Handling
• Program Site Maintenance • Campers Safety

• Singlehandedly led a group of elderly campers through programs involving both physical and mental activities.
• Created, implemented, and led 5 groups of children with special needs, resulting in increased confidence on the participants’ end.
• Stopped a potentially harmful situation involving a bear attack, quickly warding off danger by distracting the beast.
• Wrote a manual on basic camp activities, now used as the main source of educational material for all camp participants.


Camp Counselor
Education Alternatives, Venice, FL
8/2015 – Present
• Create and organize activities to meet the different tastes and requirements of participants
• Implemented age-appropriate activities according to standardized procedures
• Oversee camp activities to ensure that they are being carried out properly
• Lead campers on trails and treks after ensuring that they understand safety rules
• Assume responsibility for all participants by ensuring that they follow rules and protocols appropriately
• Observe camp behavior and ensure that any loopholes of a misdemeanor or bad conduct are appropriately filled

Camp Counselor
Some Company, Tampa, FL
5/2012 – 8/2015
• Kept campers active and engaged in fun and challenging activities, while maintaining a safe environment
• Interacted with children and parents in a professional, yet friendly manner to ensure the maintenance of trust
• Ensured that all participants were following appropriate rules for each activity and provide guidance where there is a need for comprehension
• Took the lead during distressing situations such as accidents or arguments in a bid to resolve the issue immediately
• Took responsibility for supplies and equipment used during activities and ensure that any damages or problems are communicated to the management immediately

Campy Volunteer 
Lifetime Fitness, Venice, FL
2/2010 – 5/2012
• Assisted camp counselors in creating and implementing age-appropriate activities
• Ascertained that all participants are aware of camp rules and regulations by providing them with detailed information
• Collected participants in one area at the beginning of each activity and ensured that they understood the procedures
• Led campers on hikes and nature walks and assumed responsibility for their health and safety
• Took and recorded attendance at the beginning of each day and ensured that singing in and out procedures was properly followed

Associate of Arts Degree in Sociology 
St. Adams Community College, Venice, FL