Church Camp Counselor Skills

Updated on: June 10, 2019

You may be an active member of the church, but unless you possess leadership skills, you will not be considered for a church camp counselor position.

And if this work is on the charts for you, you must ensure that you tell the hiring authority that you are good at it.


Spelling out your skills is essential. As necessary is telling the hiring manager what you can achieve through your skills.

It is important to note that a church camp counselor has to be a pleasant individual so that participants can take to him or her.

Knowledge of developing the right programs, and ensuring proper implementation is one of the most important things to do.

Furthermore, your resume and cover letter for a church camp counselor position should highlight exactly what spiritual wisdom you offer.

While working as a church camp counselor can be challenging, it is great fun for people who are truly sold about the work.

And if you are one of them, you may want to look through the following list of skills particular to this position:

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Church Camp Counselor Skills for Resume

• Developing and implementing core church camp plans

• Providing leadership and guidance to camp participants

• Serving as a role model to campers in personal faith, worship, and health habits

• Enforcing rules and regulations of the camp

• Completing tasks assigned by camp directors such as devotions, hiking, and special group projects

• Greeting campers for registration, and providing them with information on offered programs

• Proven ability to encourage positive interactions between campers in order to ensure harmony

• Effectively upholding the concept of the community with mutual respect and care for others

• Informing campers engaged in negative behavior about the unacceptability of their engagements

• Leading or co-leading camp activities in accordance with set plans and procedures

• Recognizing and responding to opportunities for problem-solving within camp groups

• Creating daily and weekly schedules for all assigned camp groups in order to ensure the administration of activities

• Identifying and reporting concerns about safety issues and problems to the camp director

• Ensuring that meals are prepared and served on time

• Maintaining a kind, helpful, and Christian attitude amongst camp participants

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