Summer Camp Counselor Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 9, 2019

Summer camp counselors lead campers, mostly teenagers and children to work through recreational activities in a summer camp.

They may work as a regular part of a school/college staff or may be hired on an activity basis.


Not only they supervise activities during a summer camp but also responsible for ensuring participants’ safety and wellbeing during the time they are away from their families.

The basic idea of a summer camp is to assist participants in doing something that they do not usually get to do; getting close to nature by camping in forests and learning to live harmoniously with wildlife is the essence of most summer camps and summer camp counselors make this happen.

But these professionals do not only lead nature summer camps; they also handle residential and day camps as well.

As part of their work, they are required to supervise the general activities happening around them, lead participants in games and enforce camp rules.

It is not important for them to be specifically get training for this position, however, people who have been through summer camps themselves often have a better knowledge of how to be successful at leading them.

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Summer Camp Counselor Job Description for Resume

• Participate in the planning phase of summer camp activities

• Chart out activities and games that need to be introduced during summer camp

• Ensure that all rules are charted out prior to the beginning of summer camps

• Greet camp participants in a positive and upbeat manner

• Provide them with information on what camp activities will be taking place

• Chart out rules and limitations and ensure that each participant understands them

• Have a one-on-one with participants new to summer camps

• Lead camping activities such as tent pitching, nature walks and games

• Ensure the safety and wellbeing of campers

• Handle group problems by employing tact in recognizing and responding to issues

• Guide participants in participating successfully and assisting them physically when required

• Observe participants’ behavior and ensure that no misdemeanor is evident

• Intervene during arguments to ensure camp harmony

• Perform emergency procedures such as First Aid and CPR

• Communicate regularly with the camp director to provide updates

• Apply appropriate behavior management techniques to ensure that camp activities are not marred by irrelevance

• Ensure that all campsites are kept free of litter and organized

• Communicate with parents/guardians of young participants to provide feedback

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