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9 School Guidance Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

School guidance counselors provide students with help in breezing through school years, by offering them guidance and help. Because of the significance of their role, they are interviewed with great care. During an interview for a school guidance counselor position, an interviewer’s focus is usually on how much and how well the individual can help… Read More »

13 Residential Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

Depending on what type of residential facility you are working for as a residential counselor, you will be asked grilling questions at an interview. Since a residential counselor’s job is to handle an entire facility in terms of logistics, security, and operations, he must have something substantial to give to the interviewer. Before you appear… Read More »

6 Admissions Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

The duties of an admission counselor vary from school to school. Basically, an admission counselor, as the name of the position suggests guides students regarding admission procedures and courses. Other duties of an admission counselor may involve scrutinizing admission applications and determining student’s eligibility for a specific course. In light of the student’s credentials, scores… Read More »