Summer Camp Counselor Skills for Resume

Updated on: November 9, 2019

Pick up any resume, and you will see that the first section that piques your interest is the part that depicts the candidate’s skills.

Similarly, an employer is always interested in what an employee can do for his company, and what better way to find out than through the skills section in a resume?


The type of skills are variable – transferrable skills, dealing with data, working with people, leadership, and creativity are just some of the skills that are important in any job.

There are many others that can bring you close to being a hot favorite for a job, but it is up to you to make sure that you let the employer know.

Using terms that will make an employer’s ears tune in is essential. What may this be? Let us look at some examples:

• Observing indicators…
• Maintaining favorable images…
• Developing methods…
• Recognizing problems…
• Setting standards…
• Personnel practices…
• Negotiating strategies…

The power of words is what is going to get you noticed.

Resumes are not just documents – they are written for a purpose. And that purpose is to tell the reader what a candidate is capable of through each section on the resume, including the skills section.

And how does one write skills on a resume? Here is an example of a summer camp counselor skills for your reference:

Sample Skills for Summer Camp Counselor Resume

• Skilled in assessing individual members and group needs for summer camp activities and planning correlating programs to meet them.

• Demonstrated expertise in planning, implementing and executing summer camp activities, including nature walks, arts and crafts, and sports to meet the individual needs of members.

• Committed to helping members achieve their entertainment and sports goals by facilitating them through individualized summer camp programs.

• Adept at participating and encouraging the positive contribution of members in summer camp activities by ensuring smooth implementation of programs.

• Excellent skills in carrying out and managing program based summer camp activities and leading specialized events in sync with master plans, with special focus on meeting members’ entertainment needs.

• Proficient in devising specialized summer camp programs such as challenge courses, gymnastics, field sports, pottery and ceramics, and arts and crafts, with a deep focus on assisting members in reaching their program objectives.

• Documented success in creating and implementing age and interest-appropriate summer camp activities, aimed at meeting camp members’ individual social adjustment and entertainment needs.

• Well-versed in implementing designated summer camp programs and enforcing rules and regulations, targeted at ensuring smooth camp operations.