Summer Camp Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 14, 2020

Cover letters are written to achieve a specific purpose, that is, to get a Summer Camp Counselor job. You might be applying to different organizations, so you have to write tailored cover letters for each organization.

The new age of self-promotion dictates that you sell your skills through the power of words by telling the employer that you have all that he wants and even more.

The following cover letter sample for a summer camp counselor resume will guide you in this regard:

Summer Camp Counselor Cover Letter Example

Kinsey Mulan
(000) 333-3333

August 14, 2020

Ms. Linda Jones
Human Resources Manager 
Broward’s Children’s Center
378 Hawkins Road
Okolona, MS 19374

Dear Ms. Jones:

As a hardworking, motivated, and caring individual, I am interested in speaking with you regarding a Summer Camp Counselor position at Broward’s Children’s Center. I offer a strong work ethic, a deep desire for success, and the confidence to meet and exceed your expectations.

As can be seen in the attached resume, I am proficient in providing fun, educational, and varied activities for all campers in a safe, positive and fun environment. At my previous workplace, I participated in and lead camp activities such as games, rock climbing, arts and crafts, sports, swimming, cooking, field trips, and special events. 

The dedication with which I worked brought about the following results:

  1. A 30% increase in member interest in alternative camp activities including kayaking, nature trips, and fishing.
  2. Incorporation of arts and crafts into an otherwise solely physical activities-based summer camp.
  3. Decrease in premises rental costs for camping activities for children under ten years of age, by renting a camping area in advance for 6 months.

In addition to that, I am known to turn any boring activities into exciting games. My employers recognized me as a funny storyteller and positive problem solver

All things considered, I am ready to work for Broward’s Children’s Center. I will be in touch with your office next Thursday to follow-up. Alternately, you can reach me at (000) 333-3333. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kinsey Mulan