Church Camp Counselor Job Description

Updated on: June 10, 2019

Position Overview

A church camp counselor provides leadership to camp participants, by ensuring that they receive a fun, yet spiritually rich camping experience.

Similar to any other camp counselor, a church camp counselor develops and implements camp activities in order to bring participants as near to set goals as possible.


If you have been a participant of a church camp before, you will know most of what the work is all about.

Developing personal relationships with each member of the church camp group will be part of your work.

Also, it will be your responsibility to recognize and respond to opportunities for problem-solving within the camp group.



Position Requirements

To work as a church camp counselor, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least.

You also have to be recognized as an active member of the church where you want to lead the camp.

In order to be considered a good candidate to work as a church camp counselor, you have to be familiar with the needs of camp participants.

A list of duties specific to the work of a camp counselor is provided below for your reference:

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Church Camp Counselor Job Description (Duties and Responsibilities)

• Create and implement weekly camp schedules for church camp groups

• Get to know camp participants by engaging them in conversation

• Ensure that camp activities are designed to meet the individual requirements of each participant

• Show interest in participants’ lives, and determine their likes and dislikes

• Arrange for activities involving physical, mental, and spiritual qualities

• Engage participants in camp activities such as games and sports

• Lead activities in a safe manner, ensuring the security of the camp as a whole

• Lead assigned camp groups in prayers and devotionals

• Use positive behavior management techniques in order to ensure appropriate behavior at all times

• Arrange for food and beverages to be delivered for meal times, and encourage participants to be grateful for what they have been offered

• Assist participants in determining the love of God, and encouraging fellow camp participants as well

• Co-create a rich camp program by offering programs such as music, crafting, and drama

• Ensure that all policies and procedures of the church are followed in a proper manner

• Take responsibility for the mental and physical health and safety of camp participants

• Ensure that tasks directed by camp directors are properly and timely carried out

• Enforce rules and regulations of the camp

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