Camp Counselor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: October 24, 2019
Position Overview

Both an interesting job and that of great responsibility, the work of a camp counselor includes guiding campers through camping activities, sightseeing, and other entertainment avenues.

Camp counselors are usually buff and physically dexterous individuals who spend a lot of time outdoors and possess great insight into leading camp activities.


As a camp counselor, you may be hired for a day job or one that spans a few days or even weeks.

Depending on the type of camp you want to lead, you can apply for positions that include days out in the wilderness or one that is short in nature – the kind where you have to lead camp activities during the daytime only.

Skills and Knowledge

Camp counselors need to be knowledgeable of youth programs and recreational activities and must know how to plan and lead individual and group activities within a camp setting.

Advanced knowledge of CPR and First Aid is also required as camp counselors often come across emergency situations.


Depending on the type of camp activities you are leading, you may be required to be a good swimmer, know hiking and play other physical games.

You must also have strong interpersonal and communication skills and be able to handle adverse situations tactfully.

Sample Duties for Camp Counselor Resume

• Understand the basis of assigned camp and determine ways to execute it.

• Create camp plans such as determining types of activities that will be included and their execution.

• Make and implement a weekly/monthly/daily schedule for each camp group.

• Provide activities and schedule information to camp members.

• Organize and lead a variety of activities such as nature walks, hiking, swimming, archery, canoeing and family nights.

• Determine types of settings for each camping activities and prepare venues for the proper execution of each activity.

• Secure materials and supplies needed for each activity and place orders for those out of stock.

• Teach participants the ins and outs of each activity and assist them in getting involved.

• Identify misdemeanor or behavioral issues with participants and ensure that they are taken care of.

• Coordinate activities to ensure that campsites are kept neat, clean and in order.

• Assist in maintaining appropriate participant and program records.

• Maintain knowledge of safety guidelines associated with camp programs and implement them in an appropriate manner.

• Understand and implement emergency procedures including CPR and First Aid.

• Act as an advocate, leader, and counselor for young program members.