Construction Skills List for Resume


People who work in the construction arena need to possess a particular skills set (unlike any other profession) to be able to get their work done efficiently. It does not matter if you are a construction laborer or a supervisor; if you work on construction projects, you must be well equipped to handle all the aspects of each construction project you are working on.

The construction industry needs different personnel on many levels to perform the broad range of activities. Each individual needs to have a certain skills set that will prove to be beneficial while working at any construction position. If construction work is your choice of career, you may be interested in the following list of skills that you will need to possess so that you can write an effective resume.

Skills List for Construction Resumes

• Demonstrated ability to read and interpret drawings and blueprints
• Competent at preparing bids and estimates for different types of construction projects
• Extraordinarily talented in reading and analyzing schematics and handling contract compliance issues
• Strong familiarity with building codes and concrete and structural principles
• Skilled in steel assembly and concrete work procedures
• Proficient in identifying required materials for each project
• Skilled in operating heavy construction machinery and hand and power tools
• Special talent for handling demolition projects by keeping safety procedures in mind
• Long term interest in designing and structuring of construction projects
• Working knowledge of both electrical and environmental codes
• Able to use hazardous materials and tools by following standard operational procedures and safety precautions
• Familiar with HVAC work and how it affects construction work procedures
• Ability to perform inspections on construction sites by following set inspection procedures
• Exceptional manual dexterity aimed at performing difficult construction tasks
• Complete understanding of OSHA safety requirements
• Ability to perform quality control procedures at all steps of each construction project
• Knowledge of handling rigging and roofing activities
• Excellent ability to handle sheet metal work and steam fitting procedures
• Exceptional time management skills aimed at ensuring that each level of construction project is finished on time
• Adept at brick laying, trenching and handling refrigeration work on construction sites
• Strong familiarity with handling maintenance repair work and flagging activities
• Solid knowledge of shift scheduling, tracking, site leading and project supervision activities

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