Concrete Construction Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 1, 2019

You cannot apply for a concrete construction worker position if your cover letter is not in order. The content and tone of your cover letter must be the type that is well-received by a hiring manager.

Let us talk about the content first. As a concrete construction worker, your focus should be on your skills in assisting tradesmen on construction sites. From simple to complex tasks, you should be able to do them all.


You should also mention how well you can contribute effectively in terms of erecting concrete forms, and performing drilling and blasting work.

As far as the tone of a concrete construction worker cover letter is concerned, it must be formal. Professional language should be used.

Cover letter content is almost always related to qualifications and skills. This is why you have to write yours to highlight these areas.

See the example below to get ideas.


Concrete Construction Worker Cover Letter Sample



Arin Beatle
(000) 874-1093
[email protected]

December 1, 2019

Mr. Merlin Joshua
Human Resources Manager
Cyte Construction Company
948 Team Road
Baltimore, MD 37544


Dear Mr. Joshua:

I am interested in the recently opened concrete construction worker position at Cyte Construction Company. The combination of my design and form-building experience, and skills in performing high-quality finishing make me an ideal contender for this position.

Since I possess the ability to set up forms, pour in concrete properly, and spread and smooth cement in a proper way, I will need no training. Specifically, my skills include:

• Proficient in assisting construction workers in erecting structures
• Able to perform demolition work in a safe manner
• In-depth knowledge of using the right tools and equipment for each project
• Hands-on experience in mixing concrete in appropriate quantities
• Competent in leveling concrete and earth by using trowels and shovels
• Adept at cleaning up skills, and removing hazardous materials from work areas
• Skilled in oiling and greasing hoists, and performing preventative maintenance tasks

Having previously contributed my skills in the construction arena, I will need minimal training. At the end of next week, I will contact you, hopefully, to determine what date and time suit you for an interview. If you need to reach me in the interim, please call me at (000) 874-1093.

Thank you for your consideration.




Arin Beatle



Concrete Construction Worker Cover Letter Sample



Cedric Mason
542 North Ave
Lincoln, RI 22598
(000) 909-8787
cedric @ email . com

December 1, 2019

Mr. Ian Bose
Manager Human Resources
Marrakech Construction Company
2738 Lonsdale Avenue
Lincoln, RI 29741


Dear Mr. Bose:

I am writing to apply for a concrete construction worker position at Marrakech Construction Company. I offer exceptional physical strength, new technology savviness and knowledge of occupational hazards and precautionary measures.

Over the years, my rigorous work lifestyle has prepared me extremely well to meet the requirements of concrete construction projects. I am confident that I can bring immediate success. The following are some highlights of my qualifications that I am positive you will be interested in:

• Proven expertise in mixing concrete in accurate quantities, specific to project requirements
• Knowledge of fine finishing concrete by performing floating, troweling and edging activities
• Well-versed in the use of modern hand and power tools used in construction work
• Able to interpret blueprints and survey stakes to establish correct construction methodologies

As evident from the various in-house presentations, workshops and trainings that I have conducted over the years, I am passionate about my work and take each stage of construction work seriously.

I look forward to meeting with you to answer your questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Cedric Mason