Top 10 Career Objectives for Construction Worker Resume

Updated on: August 22, 2021

In order to write a winning construction worker resume, you have to start your resume with an objective statement.

The objective statement should contain the skills, experience, and/or competencies that the employer is seeking in the candidate.

Also, state how you will exceed their expectations in the construction worker role.

The following 10 career objective statements will assist you in portraying the unique skills that you possess.

Construction Worker Resume Objective Examples

1. To obtain a position as a construction worker at ABC Company. Poised to use my talents in loading-unloading, cleaning, scaffolding, and digging to complete construction projects on time. Can-do attitude with the ability to take and follow instructions.

2. Dynamic and energetic construction professional seeking a Construction Worker position with AAA Corporation. Bringing 5+ years of hands-on experience in concrete, metal buildings, interiors, basic plumbing, and carpentry to meet the company’s productivity goals and exceed client satisfaction standards.

3. Hardworking and punctual construction worker looking for employment AML Co. Enthusiastic to make use of exceptional laborer skills, as well as the ability to clean and prepare construction sites to complete construction projects on time.

4. Dexterous Construction Worker seeking employment at Daeman Construction Company. Offering exceptional tool and equipment handling skills along with profound knowledge of building materials to meet and exceed company productivity and customer satisfaction standards.

5. Strong desire to work for United Machines as a Construction Worker where I will be able to use my well-honed skills in construction work and related use of tools to bring about excellence in finished projects.

6. To work for Acme Construction Company as a Construction Worker to utilize knowledge building and deconstructing structures following best construction practices.

7. Goal-oriented and dynamic with excellent stamina, teamwork spirit, and the ability to lift heavy objects. Interested in a construction worker position at ABC Company to contribute to the success of projects.

8. A resourceful and dedicated individual with 5+ years of construction work experience and the ability to meet operational standards. Looking to secure a construction worker position at ABC Company to meet and exceed the expectations of the employer.

9. Committed and proactive construction worker with basic knowledge of engineering and construction principles and methods. Seeking a construction position at XYZ company where my potential will be fully utilized. Able to maintain a safe, as well as a friendly work environment.

10. Diligent and dedicated individual with 6 years of construction experience seeking a Construction Worker position at AA Contractors. Bringing exceptional manual labor skills, as well as the ability to remove waste and debris, install hardware installation, and pour and mix concrete.

Construction Worker Job Description

Construction workers work in a variety of settings such as roads, buildings, and other construction sites depending on the needs of the employer. They are required to use cement, grout, concrete, plaster, and paint to complete their tasks.

Not only do they construct buildings and roads but they also perform repair work and demolish buildings. Another role that they perform in almost all settings is the support that they provide where plumbing, electrical work, and ordering supplies are concerned.

As highly skilled people; they need to be physically fit as the nature of their jobs demands it and be able to operate equipment and tools that are particular to the trade. They may also be expected to do some basic math.