Sample Resumes for Construction Worker

Updated on August 9, 2018

Construction workers perform a lot of duties including operating equipment that is used to apply grout, cement, concrete and plaster to buildings. They may be required to load and unload materials as per instructions and assist with masonry tasks.

A resume for a construction worker is a brief document, ideally no longer than one page, which communicates the candidate’s skills and potential to a prospective employer.

Make sure you choose a format that complements your skills and serves the purpose of optimally highlighting your profile. The layout of the resume must be simple, so the focus of the employer remains on the content.

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Construction Worker Resume Sample 1 (Basic)


Jonathan Mathews

90 South 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 66637
(929) 912-9009, Email

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Construction Worker position with SS Company utilizing exceptional manual dexterity, knowledge of architecture and principles of physics to provide excellent construction services.

• 14+ years’ experience working as a laborer and construction worker
• Highly skilled in demolition and construction work including preparing layouts and erecting frameworks
• In depth knowledge of operating general construction equipment
• Hands on experience in tending machines that pump grout and cement

• Constructed a multistory building in record time to meet its opening schedules without compromising on building quality
• Trained 12 new construction workers to use equipment such as cement mixers, computerized machinery, and hand tools


Construction Worker
Fine Constructions – Lubbock, TX | Aug 2005 – Present
• Mop, brush and spread paints
• Operate jackhammers and other equipment necessary for construction work
• Position and seal structural components as directed
• Use cement mixers to mix, pour and spread concrete
• Spray finishing materials to seal surfaces
• Tend machines that pump concrete and other materials

General Laborer
Some Company – Lubbock, TX | Jan 2001 – Aug 2005
•  Maintained an organized and sanitary work area
•  Operated industrial power equipment
•  Performed general maintenance tasks
•  Ensured compliance with standard operating procedures
•  Took security measures to avoid accidents.

High School Diploma
CITY SCHOOL – Lubbock, TX – 2004

• Excellent manual dexterity
• Basic maths skills
• Ability to handle heavy material and equipment
• Ability to understand written and oral instructions
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Construction Worker Resume Sample 2 (Advanced)


David Ross

540 Olive Gardens • Omaha, NE 67220 • (005) 444-3333 • david @ email . com


Highly industrious Construction Worker with 11+ years’ hands-on experience in handling different types of manual labor work using good physical stamina and considerable attention to detail. Highly proficient in concrete mixing, scaffolding and site preparation. A proven team player who has a profound ability to communicate at all levels of managers and coworkers. Expert in interpreting blueprints and executing construction plans. Effectively prioritize tasks and manages time to meet strict deadlines.


– Concrete Mixing– Earth Clearing– Bricklaying
– Tunnel Excavation– Debris Removal– Loading/Unloading
– Blueprint Interpretation– Hoist Greasing– Surface Leveling
– Adhesive Application– Excavation Backfilling– Traffic Control


Construction Worker                                      2011 to Present
• Identify an ingenious way to achieve 100% leveled surfaces on concrete structures and implemented the same
• Effectively manage traffic on various construction sites without affecting the work progress or traffic flow
• Fix and remove temporary scaffoldings for erecting of concrete structures
• Signal the heavy equipment workers and assist in correct placement of heavy structures
• Assist in drilling, blasting and demolition projects

Concrete Laborer                                      2009 to 2011
• Identified faulty scaffolding timely and prevented a major accident through vigilant thinking
• Cleared and prepared sites for construction
• Raked concrete and gravel and loaded the same onto wheelbarrows
• Calculated, mixed, poured and set cement and concrete to build required structures

G.E.D, SOME SCHOOL, Omaha, NE | 2009

• Multilingual: Fluent in English, Spanish, and Polish
• Complete knowhow regarding OSHA safe work guidelines
• Excellent physical ability and stamina
• Willing to work outdoors in odd weather conditions
• Load lifting ability up to 60 lbs without trolley

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