Construction Worker Job Description Sample

Updated April 17, 2022
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General Overview

Working primarily on constructing roads and handling building projects, construction workers perform many duties which are extremely important.

On a road construction project, a construction worker applies cement, grout, or sand along with preparing sites by getting rid of debris and hazardous materials.

They also transport materials to and from the construction site and repair and demolish structures.

Similarly, on a building construction site, a construction worker may assist in installing plumbing, electricity, and heating or cooling systems along with putting in floors and shingles.

The work of a construction worker requires much skill and expertise such as the ability to handle and operate machinery and tools that are required in construction work.

Since they work with blueprints and need to make specific calculations, they need to possess knowledge of basic mathematical principles and construction laws.

Construction workers need to be physically agile as they lift and carry heavy materials and equipment almost every workday.

There are many duties that a construction worker performs on a typical workday.

Some of these responsibilities and tasks are as under:

Construction Worker Duties and Responsibilities

• Clear construction sites of debris and trash.

• Comb construction area and remove hazardous materials.

• Shovel asphalt onto the construction site.

• Operate machinery to break up concrete.

• Place cement in designated areas.

• Position and align structural components as per instructions.

• Mix and pour concrete on the job site.

• Smooth out newly poured concrete using a variety of finishing tools.

• Apply caulking components by using caulking guns.

• Control nearby traffic by erecting traffic signals and diverting traffic by hand signals.

• Dig trenches and level earth following specifications.

• Erect, disassemble, and repair scaffolding and temporary structures.

• Install sewer pipes, electrical wiring, and drain pipes.

• Mix ingredients for cleaning and covering surfaces.

• Handle construction materials on-site and in storage.

• Drive trucks to transport materials to and from construction sites.

• Assist in loading and unloading delivery trucks.

• Haul and hoist material to ensure appropriate delivery to the construction site.

• Clean up spills and oil and grease hoists.

• Operate cranes, pneumatic hammers, and tampers.

• Manage operation and maintenance of saws, drills, grinders, and blowtorches.

• Install floors and shingles.

• Build, repair, and maintain walls, doors, and frameworks.

• Construct wall units and base cabinets.

• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on tools and equipment.