Construction Laborer Skills List

Updated on: June 15, 2017

Skills are an operative word where construction laborer job application documents are concerned – especially the resume. If you do not mention how skilled you are in a resume, you are risking a lot. Since most employers try to fit in skilled people into their teams, it is important for candidates to provide a list of skills that they possess, to make the decision easier for them.

However, it is neither an easy thing to determine a skills set, nor eloquently place it in a resume. A huge self-analysis is in order here. The fact that you are skilled in many areas is known only to you. If you also want the hiring manager to know, you need to be able to fish out your best side and present it to him in a platter. Do not expect a hiring manager to figure things out on his or her own.

What constitute as skills? Anything that you can do which has a significant effect on the way work is done within an organization is a skill. If you are great at communicating with people, it means that your communication skills are strong. And if your strength is in resolving issues, it is possible that your strength lies in conflict solving. Whatever your skills are, identify them and list them – like they are listed in the statements here:

Skills List for Construction Laborer Resume

• Experienced in performing a variety of manual tasks involving strenuous labor in both commercial and residential settings
• Effectively able to prepare job sites by clearing away debris and hazardous materials and ensure that it remains in a maintained condition until work begins
• Demonstrated expertise in loading and unloading trucks and hoisting materials to and from job sites
• Familiar with performing selected demolition and removal of various surface materials, fixtures and construction debris
• Proven ability to effectively handle materials by efficiently storing and retrieving them as required
• Dig trenches and ditches, and handle plastic pipe fusion, gas service and restoration
• Deep familiarity with building structures for residential, commercial and business sites, according to specifically provided instructions
• Track record of servicing machines of the trade, including pumps, compressors, generators, tractors and trailers
• Proficient in mixing and pumping concrete, grout, cement, sand and plaster, and using spray guns for application of material to ceilings and walls
• Adept at reading blueprints and designs to carefully plan out construction activities
• Deep insight into installing traffic control devices and directing traffic away from construction sites