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GNA Job Description for Resume

Position Overview A geriatric nursing assistant (GNA) performs the regular duties of a certified nursing assistant, the only difference being that they work with elderly patients. Popular employers of GNAs include facilities that cater to elderly patients such as sanitariums, assisted living facilities and patients’ homes.   They assist elderly patients with handling daily tasks… Read More »

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AIN (Assistant in Nursing) Resume Sample

Many Assistants in Nursing (AIN) seek resume writing help as they strive to build an interview-winning resume. The good news is there is a lot of resume writing guidance available for candidates seeking an AIN position.   How to Write an AIN (Assistant in Nursing) Resume? • List the relevant facts about your candidacy in… Read More »

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AIN (Assistant in Nursing) Cover Letter Sample

To convince the reader to take your resume seriously, an impressive and powerful cover letter must be sent. Here are some tips that need to be followed in modern-day cover letter writing.   • Nothing beats a compelling opener. Start imposingly – it will not only set the tone for the rest of your letter but… Read More »

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Nursing Assistant Scope of Practice

Adhering to the scope of practice is very important especially when you are working in the healthcare field. There are specific procedures that one has to follow and defined processes that need to be handled by a licensed individual. Since healthcare professionals such as nursing assistants need to be licensed before they can apply for… Read More »

How to Make a Nurse Aide Cover Letter?

Writing a cover letter that grabs the attention of an employer can be slightly intimidating. However, it does not have to be intimidating if you know what it is that will “sell” in a cover letter. Cover letters for the nursing aide position are all about portraying your abilities to perform a series of tasks… Read More »

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Nursing Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience

A nursing assistant’s job is exciting and rewarding, but you do have to be prepared for hard work. You’ll be working under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse, and helping her to take care of the patient’s needs. When you write a cover letter for a nursing assistant position (with no prior experience), you… Read More »

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CNA Job Description and Duties for Resume

CNA Job Description Certified nursing assistants or CNAs are the most in-demand healthcare professionals in the USA and Canada. They hold a crucial role because they act as a bridge between healthcare professionals and patients. In general, they offer direct and indirect patient care. They assess patients’ condition while ensuring their safety and well-being. Also,… Read More »

CNA Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

A certified nursing assistant or CNA works for an assisted facility or a hospital, depending on her individual choice of workplace. They are responsible for providing ongoing care to patients from the time they are admitted to the time when they are discharged. Besides that, they assist registered nurses in administering medication and helping patients… Read More »

Functional Resume for Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants work with patients within or outside a healthcare facility to assist them with day-to-day tasks and activities of daily living such as grooming, clothing, and feeding. They also need to perform medical tasks like taking vitals and administering medication. Following is a sample of functional or skills resume for Nursing Assistant position that will provide us… Read More »

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