25 Entry Level CNA Resume Objectives with No Experience

Updated on: September 14, 2020
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The competition for a CNA job is constantly heating, with so many passionate candidates hoping to acquire jobs. Therefore, it is important to know that your resume objective should be written with great care, as it will be the first thing that a hiring manager will see.

Concentrating on your skills and qualifications as a CNA is imperative – even without experience, you can write a resume objective that is sure to bring in interviews.

Here are the top 25 CNA resume objectives that you can take ideas from:

Top 25 Objectives for Certified Nursing Assistant with No Experience

1. Compassionate Certified Nursing Assistant, looking for a position at Care Rev. Seeking to apply my abilities to assist patients with personal and nursing requirements, aimed at helping the facility meet its patient care goals.

2. Hardworking individual, with inherent compassion, seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant at Ava Med. Offering knowledge of basic patient care, hoping to help the hospital serve patients with excellence.

3. Desirous of a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Peterson Healthcare. Eager to leverage nursing training to provide comprehensive and personalized care to assigned patients. Anticipating working as part of a team to help the healthcare facility meet its patient care and assistance goals.

4. To obtain a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at The Legacy Rehab and Care Center. Aiming to utilize nursing training and knowledge to effectively satisfy the responsibilities of a CNA, with the objective of adding value to the facility.

5. Committed individual, with outstanding patient care planning skills, presently seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Valley Case Management. Results-driven and eager CNA, hoping to leverage attained skills in helping the hospital meet its patient care objectives.

6. Seeking an entry-level Certified Nursing Assistant position at Sava Care, where I can build on my current skill set to provide high-quality patient care, eventually contributing to the patient care success of the facility.

7. A recent graduate of a highly ranked nursing school, eager to obtain a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at California State Hospital. Seeking opportunities to leverage high-quality patient care skills, to further the work of the hospital.

8. Competent and disciplined Certified Nursing Assistant recently graduated from nursing school. Hoping to obtain a position at Owensboro Health, by implementing skills in helping patients with personal chores, and providing well-placed nursing care. Bringing the ability to examine patients and detect issues, anticipating contributing to the overall success of the facility.

9. Looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Lakeview Hospital. Utilizing excellent training in the delivery of exceptional patient care to obtain the highest level of comfort and safety for patients.

10. To work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Central California Women’s Facility, eager to leverage the knowledge of direct patient care. Hoping to add to the excellence of the facility, by providing dedicated and round the clock assistance.

11. To obtain a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Sava Senior Health. Driven to help with direct patient care, including personal, and nursing services. Ability to critically think, and implement care that will help the hospital meet its patient care goals.

12. To earn a Certified Nursing Assistant position Aetna Care to apply my nursing training and knowledge in assisting patients with diseases and disorders.

13. Certified Nursing Assistant with a deep interest in hospice care, presently looking for a position at Great Hospice. Able to help maintain a healthy environment, aimed at providing patients with comfort and dignity.

14. Efficient, and competent Certified Nursing Assistant, with in-depth knowledge of providing quality patient care. Currently seeking an opportunity at Silent Hill Healthcare, where I can leverage my skills in looking after patients with chronic illnesses. My enthusiasm to learn quickly, and contribute effectively will help your hospital meet its patient care goals more effectively.

15. Earnest individual, recently graduated from nursing school, seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Hemmingway Healthcare. Adept at developing and implementing patient care plans in accordance with each patient’s requirements. Abilities to work in a cooperative manner within a hospital environment will be an asset to the hospital.

16. Diligent nursing school graduate, with excellent knowledge of providing tier-1 patient services. Desire a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Plan Health, aiming to use my abilities to fulfill patient care directives, eventually helping the hospital meet its milestones.

17. Certified Nursing Assistant passionate about providing individualized patient care pertaining to both chronic, and acute illnesses. Seek to use proven skills to provide a safe, and healthy environment to patients at NCH Healthcare System.

18. Skilled Certified Nursing Assistant, with an excellent academic record, anticipating a position at Jacob Memorial Hospital. Possess excellent patient care skills, aimed at helping the hospital increase its service standards.

19. Reliable Certified Nursing Assistant, recently passed out of nursing college, hoping to work for Patient First. Possess training in providing one on one patient care, by obtaining and recording vital signs, and administering medication.

20. Efficient, and compassionate individual, with a solid nursing educational background. Aiming to use my knowledge and expertise to fill the Certified Nursing Assistant at Valley Hospital, hoping for the facility to be number one in the region.

21. Nursing professional, with a proven academic record, currently seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Victory Health. Anticipating adding to the value of the hospital by performing excellent patient care processes.

22. Highly motivated Certified Nursing Assistant, recently graduated from Base Nursing School, looking for work at Legacy Home Care. Like to take initiative, ensuring that the overall healthcare aims of the hospital are met.

23. Nursing school graduate, with proven skills in providing basic care to patients, looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant position at Mentor Health Services. Passionate about providing quality care to patients, with special attention to ensuring a quick recovery.

24. Seeking a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant by implementing the benefit of excellent patient care knowledge. Eager to work at Brilliant Doctors, to ensure delivery of direct patient care, eventually leading to an excellent reputation.

25. Certified Nursing Assistant, filled with a will to help patients meet their health goals. Poised to contribute to Grey Health Facility by providing outstanding services, targeted at their health and wellness.

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