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Updated February 22, 2020
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Certified nursing assistants work at hospitals and assisted living facilities. A significant part of their work involves looking after patients and helping them recuperate.

Working as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) is challenging. There are many things to do, and every task of CNA needs precision. The same challenge goes to writing a CNA resume.

In order to write an excellent resume for a CNA job, you must include a summary statement in it. CNAs who are interested in applying for this position may want to make their resume profiles or summaries suggestive of their experiences and skills.

Take a look at the following CNA resume summary statements in order to get a better idea of how to write one.

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Summary Examples for CNA Resume

1. Patient-focused Certified Nursing Assistant with seven years of extensive experience in providing direct and indirect patient care services. Exceptional ability to take vitals and provide assistance to residents in the activities of daily living. CPR and BLS Certified.

2. Top-performing nursing professional with a successful record of providing excellent bedside and in-home care. Demonstrated ability to assist residents in personal hygiene and activities of daily living. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

3. Uniquely qualified Certified Nursing Assistant with 2+ years’ experience in ER, immediate care and triage units. Genuine desire to work towards achieving the patient’s health care targets. Attentive to the specific needs of patients in a busy healthcare facility. Flexible work schedule.

4. Dependable and hard-working Certified Nursing Assistant with 6 years’ solid background in assisting residents with personal hygiene. Demonstrated ability to answer residents’ calls promptly. Special talent for observing and reporting changes in patients’ conditions. Track record of working efficiently in busy and fast-paced healthcare facilities.

5. Calm and compassionate Certified Nursing Assistant with a verifiable track record of delivering excellent patient care. Highly experienced in providing direct and indirect care in accordance with care plans. Able to effectively educate patients and families.

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CNA Job Scope

Certified nursing assistants are the precious fragment of any healthcare facility as they handle many major tasks related to patients’ health.

These jobs may range from simple grooming and bathing duties to complex medication administering tasks.

CNAs spend a considerable time taking and recording patients’ vitals and collecting specimens.

They also maintain records of patients and the treatments provided to them.

Working as a CNA does not only require nursing training but also one has to be tolerant of nature because many times one has to deal with agitated patients.

Technically, a certified nursing assistant is responsible for handling a patient from the time he or she is admitted to the facility to the time he or she is released.

There are many facets to a CNA’s work, and every CNA has different experiences that they learn their trade from.

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