Top 25 Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: June 15, 2021
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A certified nursing assistant (CNA) who wants to apply for a new job must ensure to write a compelling resume summary statement. As a resume opener, the CNA resume summary dictates whether or not it is worth reading the rest of the document.

As a certified nursing assistant, your resume summary statement should sing great praises for your ability to provide excellent care to patients. The following guidelines and sample CNA summary statements will help you in this regard.

How to Write a Professional Summary Statement on a CNA Resume?

The following are 4 Quick Tips to help you write a compelling summary statement.

  1. Research about the qualities the employer needs in a certified nursing assistant. You can do so by referring to the CNA job description provided by the employer.
  2. Tailor the summary statement as per the needs of the employer.
  3. Write three to four lines highlighting your suitability for a CNA job.
  4. Sum up your key skills, experiences, and aspirations.

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25 Sample Summary Statements for CNA Resume

Nursing Home CNA Resume Summary Examples

1. Patient-care–focused Certified Nursing Assistant with seven years of extensive experience in providing direct and indirect care to residents. Exceptional ability to take vitals and provide assistance to residents in the activities of daily living. CPR and BLS Certified.

2. Top-performing nursing professional with a successful record of providing excellent bedside care in busy clinics. Demonstrated ability to assist residents in personal hygiene and activities of daily living. Excellent communication skills in English and Spanish.

3. Results-driven CNA with 10+ years of a solid track record of assisting patients with daily activities. Dynamic and resourceful, with a strong grasp on turning and position patients, serving meals and helping patients eat, and examining patients for bruises, and sores.

4. Dependable and hard-working Certified Nursing Assistant with 6 years’ solid background in assisting residents with personal hygiene, ambulation, and ADLs. Demonstrated ability to answer residents’ calls promptly, and observe and report changes in patients’ conditions. Worked efficiently in busy and fast-paced healthcare facilities.

Assisted Living CNA Resume Summary Examples

5. Calm and compassionate Certified Nursing Assistant with a verifiable track record of delivering excellent care in senior living facilities. Highly experienced in providing direct and indirect care in accordance with care plans. Able to effectively educate patients and families.

6. Highly experienced certified nursing assistant boasting 2+ years of experience in providing personal and non-medical care to older adults. Able to apply compassion and understanding to patients’ situations while providing them with support and counseling. Well versed in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care.

Hospital CNA Resume Summary Examples

7. Compassionate certified nursing assistant, with over 6 years of experience providing one on one patient care in busy hospital environments. Strong skills in recording vital signs and providing assistance in the activities of daily living. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

8. Uniquely qualified Certified Nursing Assistant with 2+ years’ experience in ER, immediate care, and triage units. Genuine desire to work towards achieving the patient’s healthcare targets. Attentive to the specific needs of patients in busy healthcare environments. Flexible work schedule.

9. Certified Nursing Assistant, presently working in a high-volume hospital environment. Looking for a position to apply exceptional skills in maintaining patient stability by periodically checking and recording vital signs. Excellent capability to provide patients with a comfortable environment while focusing on their safety and wellbeing.

10. 15+ years of experience in the certified nursing assistant capacity. Unmatched ability to assist patients with daily living activities, including serving meals, assisting with personal hygiene, and providing adjunct care. Competent in following nursing policies and procedures, and abiding by federal, state, and local requirements.

11. Reliable and punctual Nursing Assistant with a track record in providing patients with assistance with their personal needs. A compassionate individual who has exceptional expertise in providing care by administering enemas, douches and nonsterile dressings, along with handling surgical preps, ice packs, and heat treatments.

Agency CNA Resume Summary Examples

12. Dedicated and kindhearted Certified Nursing Assistant with current CNA Certifications and 5+ years’ track record of success in ensuring the clients’ comfort. Talented in providing personal care services to older adults and physically challenged individuals while maintaining their dignity and confidence.

13. Seasoned Nursing Assistant with proven skills in providing personal care to clients according to dedicated care plans and ensuring their overall wellbeing. HHA and BLS Certified. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

14. Highly motivated Nursing Assistant with 6 years of hands-on experience in handling non-medical emergencies and providing personal care. Adept at taking and recording vitals, providing personal hygiene services, making beds, and transporting patients.

15. Top-performing Nursing Assistant with an outstanding ability to provide help to clients in the activities of daily living. Proficient in maintaining comfortable environments while providing residents with both physical and emotional support.

16. Self-motivated, compassionate, and energetic Nursing Assistant with demonstrated expertise in maintaining clients’ comfort by providing them with correlating care and counseling. Accurately checks and records vitals, and intake and output information.

17. Resourceful and self-confident CNA with documented success in providing emotional and physical support to clients. Adept at assisting clients with grooming, bathing, and toileting while maintaining their dignity.

18. Energized Nursing Assistant with inherent compassion and patience, aimed at attending to the individual needs of clients. Competent at maintaining a safe and clean environment for clients by ensuring that their surroundings are conducive to safety and hygiene.

Mother Baby Unit CNA Resume Summary Example

19. Energetic CNA with 11+ years’ extensive and diverse experience in the nursing facilities and mother-baby units. Performed service duties and technical tasks such as assisting patients with basic hygiene and activities of daily living, and taking vital signs. Able to maintain courteous relationships with patients, families, visitors, and coworkers.

Home Care CNA Resume Summary Examples

20. Competent and hardworking Nursing Assistant with 6+ years’ vast experience working at residential facilities and hospitals. Unmatched talent in providing patients and clients with exceptional physical and emotional care with a view to facilitating quick recovery.

21. Highly successful Certified Nursing Assistant with over 6 years of work experience in hospitals, clinics, and private homes. Proven ability to bathe and dress patients, and providing assistance in eating. Knowledge of taking and recording vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, and pulse readings. Exceptionally well-versed in collecting patient information, and providing care in accordance with patient care plans.

22. Certified Nursing Assistant, with 3+ years of solid track record in providing patients with assistance in daily living. Talented in assisting with personal care, such as bathing, grooming, and toileting. Ability to examine patients for problems and issues including bedsores and bruises. Solid track record of providing companionship while assisting in the activities of daily living.

Medical Center CNA Resume Summary Examples

23. Experienced CNA, boasting 5+ years of experience in providing adjunct care by administering enemas, and douches. Able to maintain patient stability by checking vital signs and weight. Effectively able to answer patients’ calls and provide the required assistance.

24. Organized, compassionate, and results-driven Certified Nursing Assistant with demonstrated expertise in providing one on one care to patients. Documented success in changing sheets, and sterilizing rooms and items within. Competent in providing physical support to patients in order to help them with daily activities.

25. Results-oriented and enthusiastic CNA with 10 years of exposure to working in busy medical centers. Offering adeptness at reviewing patients’ charts, measuring and recording food intake, and taking vital signs. Highly skilled in observing patients in order to detect symptoms that may require medical attention.


Call it a personal summary, summary statement, or performance profile, it is the same thing. A nursing assistant’s personal summary is what marks the beginning of your resume.

Since summaries are all about what the employee can do for an employer, they need to be specific, to the point, and informative. All information that you need to put in a personal summary can be derived from the CNA job description. Customize your summary statement according to the employer’s requirements.

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