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2 Nursing Student Recommendation Letter Samples

Employers and professors often get requests from their employees or students to write a recommendation letter. This letter helps nursing students to apply for a job or get admission for further education. Usually, students seeking a job or admission require a letter that will help them get recruited in some educational or vocational program. How… Read More »

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Recommendation Letter Sample

Many employers or nursing schools ask CNAs or Nursing Assistants to provide a letter of recommendation from their previous employer. Writing a letter of recommendation for a Certified Nursing Assistant seems a tedious task, but, being a supervisor you have to write it. The best reference letters are positive and sincere and require an individual… Read More »

2 Registered Nurse Reference Letter Samples and Guidelines

It is very important for a Registered Nurse to ask for a reference letter when leaving, as this will help them to obtain the job subsequently. As a matter of fact, this document increases the chance of future employment manifold. Reference letters are crucial because they contain first-hand information written by the previous employer about… Read More »