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STNA Interview Questions and Answers

The trick of acing an STNA interview is not to worry too much. The interview may decide your employment future but you do not need to bank on it for happiness! Think of it as an experience – prepare for it thoroughly and then let your good instincts take over. A set of interview questions… Read More »

Nurse Aide Resume Example [How to Write]

How to Write an Excellent Resume for Nurse Aide Position? A Nurse Aide resume is a short document used to summarize a job seeker’s skills, experience, and qualifications for a recruiter. A resume typically includes the job seeker’s contact information, skills, professional experience, education, and relevant certifications. In fact, an interview chance is only based… Read More »

CNA Internship Duties and Responsibilities

A certified nursing assistant intern generally works under the supervision of a senior CNA and assists in providing direct and indirect nursing care to patients. Their typical duties include; providing personal care, transportation, exercise, hygiene, and eating assistance. CNA Internship Duties and Responsibilities • Learn medical procedures including catheterization, enema, irrigation, douche, and massage under… Read More »

Geriatric Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Sample – GNA

Like all medical fields, competition has also skyrocketed in the field of Geriatric nursing assisting. In order to get hired, a well-built resume is not enough these days. One needs a compelling cover letter to stand out of the lot.   How to Write a Geriatric Nursing Assistant Cover Letter? Focus on the company’s needs… Read More »

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