Top 16 Phlebotomist Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: March 30, 2023

The primary work of a person working as a Phlebotomist includes taking blood samples through defined procedures and managing the samples for effective results.

While most employers are alright about a Phlebotomist holding just a HED, certification in Phlebotomy and CPR are always welcome as they add integrity to this position.

Phlebotomists work largely with doctors, nurses, and patients directly and are required to possess many skills.

These skills may not be limited to just taking blood samples; a phlebotomist needs to possess excellent people skills too.

These skills need to be depicted in a resume objective statement to get the attention of the employer.

Sample Objectives for Phlebotomist Resume

Experienced Phlebotomist Objectives

1. ASCP-certified Phlebotomist with 8+ years of experience in collecting blood for testing purposes, seeking an opportunity to be a part of ABC Clinic. Bringing the ability to provide great service to patients in a detail-orientated, compassionate, and caring manner.

2. Results-driven phlebotomist with 5+ years of hands-on experience in busy lab settings, seeking a position at XYZ Clinic. Poised to leverage my skills in drawing blood from patients and blood donors, and help patients feel less nervous about having their blood drawn.

3. Certified Phlebotomy Technician with 3+ years of experience in drawing blood using needles and other equipment, labeling samples correctly, and sending them for testing. Excited to increase the efficiency and fame of ABC Laboratory.

4. High-performing phlebotomist with exceptional venipuncture, customer service, and interpersonal skills, seeking to deliver high-quality patient care for XYZ Health. 5000+ blood samples drawn to date.

5. Looking for a Phlebotomist position with Care Lab, utilizing extensive knowledge of phlebotomy procedures and protocols.

6. Seeking a position as a Phlebotomist at Green Labs where my laboratory management and blood drawing skills will be fully utilized to assist the lab with a smooth flow of lab operations.

7. To obtain a Phlebotomist position at Lakeland HealthCare, utilizing skills in comprehending lab additives and phlebotomy procedures.

8. Strong desire to get employment as a Phlebotomist at St. Peter’s Hospital. Offering excellent laboratory management skills and profound background in venipuncture and lab procedures.

9. To work as a Phlebotomist at Children’s Hospital, using extensive skills in drawing and managing blood samples.

10. To obtain the phlebotomist position at ABC Lab where I would be able to utilize my phlebotomy-related skills and processes to increase the accuracy of results.

Entry-Level Phlebotomist Objectives

11. Seeking work as a Phlebotomist at XYZ labs. Offering knowledge of sample collection, blood analysis, and report preparation.

12. Looking for a position as a Phlebotomist with [Company Name] where my strong knowledge of blood sampling and analyzing can be fully utilized.

13. To become a contributing part of the committed team of professionals at XYZ labs. Bringing capabilities in blood specimen processing, bleeding time procedures, and analysis of samples for micro growth and composition in the capacity of a phlebotomist.

14. To secure a position as a phlebotomist where my skills and knowledge of blood testing, centrifugation techniques, and specimen liquating would come in handy for smooth and effective lab reporting.

15. To work for XYZ Labs as a Phlebotomist. Bringing competencies of sample collection, test running, and reporting, in alignment with the federally approved lab test practices.

16. Certified phlebotomist looking for a challenging job with ABC Labs. Bringing skills in specimen analysis and lab reporting, as well as extensive knowledge of chemical analysis, to contribute to the efficiency of the laboratory.