Being a phlebotomist is very interesting work is usually taken for granted. After all, any certified nurse can take blood samples! But while it is true that nurses and doctors can take blood samples, they are not as qualified in it as phlebotomists are. The prime work of a person working at this position includes taking blood samples through defined procedures and managing the samples for effective results.

While most employers are alright with a Phlebotomist holding just an HED, certification in Phlebotomy and CPR are always welcome as they add integrity to this position.

Phlebotomists work largely with doctors, nurses and patients directly and are required to possess many skills. These skills may not be limited to just taking blood samples; a phlebotomist needs to possess excellent people skills too. These skills need to be depicted in a resume objective if the candidate applying for this position wants to bag his or her dream job.

Sample Objectives for Phlebotomist Resume

• Looking for a Phlebotomist position with Care Lab utilizing extensive knowledge of phlebotomy procedures and protocols

• Seeking a position as a Phlebotomist at Green Labs where I may use my skills in laboratory management to assist the lab with a smooth flow of lab operations

• To obtain a Phlebotomist position at Lakeland HealthCare utilizing my skills in comprehending lab additives and phlebotomy procedures

• Desire a position as a Phlebotomist at St. Peter’s Hospital. Offering excellent laboratory management skills and a profound background in relevant lab procedures

• To work as a Phlebotomist with Children’s Hospital using extensive skills in drawing and managing blood samples