33 Security Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 28, 2023

Are you preparing for a security supervisor position interview? It’s crucial to be well-prepared and demonstrate your expertise in handling security processes.

To help you, we have compiled a list of common interview questions along with suggested answers:

33 Common Security Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am an experienced security supervisor with a proven track record in maintaining safety and security. I have strong leadership skills, attention to detail, and excellent problem-solving abilities. My goal is to create a secure environment for staff, visitors, and assets.

2. What is a typical workday as a security supervisor?

A typical workday as a security supervisor involves overseeing and coordinating security operations. This includes conducting regular patrols, monitoring surveillance systems, and ensuring compliance with security protocols. As a supervisor, I would also be responsible for training and scheduling security personnel, as well as addressing any incidents or emergencies that may arise. Effective communication with team members and management is vital, as is maintaining accurate records and documentation. Overall, the role requires a strong focus on maintaining a secure and safe environment through proactive monitoring and incident management.

3. What is your greatest skill?

One of my greatest skills as a security supervisor is my ability to effectively lead and manage a security team. I have a knack for motivating and guiding team members to perform at their best. By setting clear expectations, providing continuous training, and fostering open communication, I am able to create a cohesive and high-performing unit.

4. What do you like most about this work?

What I like most about the work of a security supervisor is the opportunity to play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of people and assets. Being able to create a secure environment where individuals can feel safe and protected brings me a great sense of fulfillment. 

5. What do you dislike about this position?

While there are many aspects of the security supervisor position that I enjoy, there are a few challenges that I occasionally face. One of the difficulties is managing unexpected emergencies or critical incidents, which can be stressful and require quick thinking and decision-making. Additionally, working in a 24/7 security environment can sometimes involve long hours or irregular shifts, which can impact work-life balance. However, despite these challenges, I have developed effective coping strategies and remain committed to providing the best security services possible.

6. How do you handle conflict or adversity at the workplace?

I handle conflict or adversity at the workplace by remaining calm, actively listening, and finding fair solutions.

7. Have you ever hired a security employee?

Yes, as a security supervisor, I have extensive experience in hiring security personnel. I have been involved in the entire hiring process, including job posting, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and making final hiring decisions. Through this experience, I have developed a strong understanding of the skills and qualities needed for an effective security team member.

8. What are some of the factors that are necessary to look through when hiring security personnel?

When hiring security personnel, it is important to consider their experience, qualifications, interpersonal skills, integrity, physical fitness, problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and teamwork capabilities.

9. What is the one quality that you have acquired over the years?

The one quality that I have acquired over the years is exceptional problem-solving abilities.

10. How do you keep yourself motivated?

To stay motivated as a security supervisor, I set clear goals for myself and the security team. I regularly communicate these goals to the team, ensuring that everyone is aware of the objectives and their role in achieving them. I also find motivation by acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments and successes, both big and small, of the team.

11. How do you keep the security staff motivated?

I keep the security staff motivated through recognition, professional development, and fostering a supportive work environment.

12. What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement as a security supervisor has been implementing a comprehensive security program that significantly enhanced the safety and well-being of the organization and its employees.

13. Have you ever worked in a perfect environment?

Yes, I have had the opportunity to work in a near-perfect environment where there was a strong emphasis on teamwork, effective communication, and a supportive management structure.

14. What is your leadership style?

My leadership style is a blend of transformational and participative approaches. I strive to inspire and motivate my team while also involving them in decision-making and fostering a collaborative environment.

15. Tell me about a time when someone working under you made a significant mistake?

There was a time when someone working under me made a significant mistake, but I addressed it promptly by providing constructive feedback, identifying the root cause, and working together with the individual to develop a plan to prevent similar errors in the future.

16. What is your greatest strength as a security supervisor?

My biggest strength is my ability to remain calm and composed in high-pressure situations, allowing me to make effective decisions and take appropriate actions to maintain security.

17. What is your greatest weakness as a security supervisor?

If I were to identify a weakness, it would be that I can sometimes be overly meticulous, focusing on every detail to ensure thoroughness. While this attention to detail is generally beneficial, it may occasionally slow down decision-making processes. However, I have been actively working on finding the balance between detail-orientedness and efficiency.

18. Describe a time when you had to introduce a change in your last/present job.

There was a time when I had to take off for training, and another security supervisor was supposed to take my place for a month. This did not sit too well with my team initially. However, by communicating effectively with them, and by asking for help and commitment, I was able to handle the situation well.

19. Why do you want to leave your present job?

The place that I am presently working for is being torn down by the authorities. I am not yet sure if the owner will want to reconstruct it in another place.

20. Why do you want to work for us specifically?

I have always been interested in working for a company that trains its employees and has great retention value. I jumped at the opportunity when I came across it on your website.

21. What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about getting things done properly and on time. I dislike delays, which is why I strive extra hard to meet my goals.

22. On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rate your physical strength?

I would give myself an 8. I am a trained individual, who has gone through rigorous physical training, and I work out every day as well.

23. Have you ever had to use brute force on anyone?

Several times. Not too long ago, a fight broke out between two customers, and it soon became ugly. One customer was stronger and was constantly hitting the other one, who couldn’t really defend himself. I had to separate the former by restraining him.

24. How do you handle personal stress associated with this work?

My stress is released through the daily exercise regime that I follow. I also meditate – the breathing exercises help take care of any stressful thoughts that I may have.

25. How do you define success?

Success, as a security supervisor, can be defined by various factors. Firstly, it is about effectively implementing security protocols and procedures to minimize risks and maintain a safe environment. Success also lies in fostering a sense of security and trust among staff and visitors, which can be measured by low incidents of security breaches.

26. What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a security supervisor. I am passionate about maintaining safety and security, and I find great fulfillment in creating a secure environment for staff, visitors, and assets. Being able to play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of people and protecting valuable resources is what makes being a security supervisor my dream job.

27. Tell me of a time when you did something extraordinary.

One particular example of an extraordinary achievement as a security supervisor was implementing a comprehensive security training program for the entire staff. Recognizing the need to enhance security awareness, I developed and delivered engaging training sessions covering various topics such as emergency response, evacuation procedures, and threat identification. 

28. What can you do for us that other candidates cannot?

I bring a unique combination of experience, strong communication skills, and a proactive approach that sets me apart from other candidates.

29. When were you most satisfied with your job?

I felt most satisfied with my job as a security supervisor when I successfully implemented a security enhancement plan that significantly reduced security breaches and improved overall safety measures.

30. Describe a time when you went out of your way to help an employee.

I went out of my way to assist an employee who was facing personal difficulties by providing resources and support, helping them navigate through the challenges while maintaining their job performance.

31. When can you join us if we decide to hire you?

If you decide to hire me, I am available to join your organization within two weeks’ notice. This will allow me to wrap up my current commitments and ensure a smooth transition into my new role as a security supervisor.

32. What are your plans for the next five years?

Over the next five years, my plan as a security supervisor is to continuously enhance my skills and knowledge in the field of security management. I aim to take on increasing levels of responsibility and contribute to the development of robust security strategies and protocols for the organization.

33. Do you have any questions for me?

Yes, I do have a few questions:

  1. Could you provide some insights into the current security challenges or concerns within the organization?
  2. What are the key responsibilities and expectations for this security supervisor role?
  3. Can you tell me about the existing security protocols and procedures in place?
  4. How does the organization support the professional development and growth of its security personnel?
  5. Can you describe the team dynamics and the level of collaboration within the security department?

Thank you for considering my questions.

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